Morrissey T-shirt suggestion requests



Morrissey and his band should each have a T-shirt with these 'f***s' on. But we need two more'f***s' to put on T-shirts.

Please submit ideas!

T-Shirts the band are wearing atm:

Morrissey - f*** NME

Boz Boorer - f*** SPILLERS

Mando Lopez - f*** BILLY BRAGG

Jesse Tobias - f*** THE GUARDIAN

Matthew Ira Walker - ?

Gustavo Manzur - ?

Sid Not-vicious

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f*** gay marriage?

f*** Lenny Henry?

f*** Doreen Lawrence?

f*** Remainers?

Skull f*** Feminists?

f*** Fat People who wear glasses?

How childish do we want these t-shirts to be and how old are the men who are expected to wear them?

vegan cro spirit 333

F NEW ORDER:censored:
sucko twats

F JAMES:oldman:
bald dork tarts

F SPARKS:menholdinghands:
ungrateful skeevs

F HOOKY:babybottle:
fermented cucko

F :handpointright::guardsman::handpointleft:
glorified lawnmower:frogface:

Sid Not-vicious

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What exactly is a skull f*** feminist?
Skull f*** ... *insert a type of person here*

Example usage:

I’m going to rip your arms off and skull f*** your wife.

(I do apologise for the nasty tone, I use it only to make the point about the choices of slogans for t-shirts for adult aged men to wear while entertaining other adults.)


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I'd entertain the man who dares to wear a t-shirt with an image of THIS "skullf*** feminist" upon it. I'd skull f*** him, even.


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This seems like it would be relevant for a band member to wear. Especially at the moment!

Gustavo Manzur - f*** THE STATUS QUO
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