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By Uncleskinny on Mar 24, 2012 at 2:21 PM
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    On the moors
    March 2012 statement from Morrissey -
    Summary: South America tour recap, Joan Collins, "Suedehead" by Ron and Russell Mael, "Suedehead" recorded by Thelma Houston earlier this year (BBC snippet)


    San Diego date -
    23 March 2012

    Morrissey will appear at San Diego Valley View Casino Center (formerly San Diego Sports Arena) on Tuesday May 22nd. Capacity is 4,798, and tickets should be available immediately.
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    1. Marco
      Ive been to all 3 brazilian dates and actually Belo Horizonte was really the best brazilian date. The audience was mad, very participative during the songs, singing along, but inbetween the songs chanting Morrissey, Morrissey, Morrissey... and this seemed to bring a different emotion to the gig, making it special not only fo the audience itself, but for Morrissey as he stated now. Thanks Morrissey!
    2. Anonymous
      Great news for San Diego! One question, why no reference to this date on that other place that claims to be something that it is not?
    3. Anonymous
      Just got my tickets.
    4. Anonymous
      It was really fantastic. His voice was better, his mood was better, the band was in shape, the sound was perfect, the setlist was great, the audience was mad. Shame that no full video has surfaced yet (I guess), maybe due to the (stupid) camera issues much less people filmed something.
    5. alabamy
      Because they are way too busy trying to sell t-shirts, flip-flops and other merchandise with the name of their shitty site on it.
    6. Anonymous
      Where did you get them from?
    7. Anonymous
      I don't see the tickets anywhere..
    8. Anonymous
      where the heck did you get tickets?? Ticketmaster has not heard of the event and the box office for the venue is closed.
    9. Anonymous
      LOL! Yet, they will somehow draw up some far fetched coincidental connection.
    10. Anonymous
      Thanks Morrissey !!!
    11. Anonymous
      Morrissey in San Diego, on his birthday? Life is no longer a pigsty.
    12. Anonymous
      The excitement of the brazillian audiences was almost heart - stopping....YEAHHHHH!!!!!!!! Then...we wait for you again , next year! Thanks Moz!!!!
    13. Anonymous
      you stay classy, san diego!

      - ron burgandy
    14. celibate
      so he celebrates his birthday on the westcoast, the day after he planned a headache show

      [thinking about bran van 3000,... :straightface:]
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    15. Pokey
      Oh good another date that isn't Australia!!
    16. goinghome
      Kristeen Young plywood? Durable and supple, yes ...there are plywood people, kind of - Then, didn't Morrissey admit to being 40% papier maché? "Artists aren't real people..." : )

      Adding California in June augers well for other places. A nice, playful sunny statement; you could nearly hear it punctuated by an odd hiccup or contented yawn.
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    17. Anonymous
      Blue roses and Trouble Loves Me on the set list for May 22nd ; )
    18. Anonymous
      South América best tour in his life, Bogotá best show of the tour= Bogotá best show of his life!!! Come back Mozz!
    19. Anonymous
      Morrissey bumming around with Joan Collins. I've heard it all, now. (or maybe this answers some questions!)

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