Morrissey statement re: San Diego - Morrissey Central (12th Nov.)

"The only trouble at San Diego were the fictitious reports by TMZ that I had been attacked. This is absolute crap. The concert and the crowd were a dream night for me. I was honored and grateful for such an excited and loving response. It concluded an outstanding set of U.S. dates and I am absolutely thrilled. TMZ, alas, live exclusively in a world of their own, and certain sections of the press seem enraged that there is nothing negative to report."

11 November 2018.

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Well, yes, very succesful tours, and recording two new albums does to me qualify as a very good year in Moz-terms.
Some controversy always comes along with it, otherwise it would be a dull year :thumb:

Two new albums? That‘s not true, only the Covers-Album has been recorded. Maybe he will start recording the next album of own songs in January though.

Gregor Samsa

I straighten up, and my position is one of hope.
End of f***ing discussion then, ok plebeians?
Viva Moz!


I went to TMZ and can't find this story. Did anyone get a screenshot? Did it ever exist?
Maybe thousands of people losing their homes along with people and animals dying in the wildfires are more important.
If the story was ever there it was probably a plant. Everyone knows that celebrities cooperate with TMZ to get publicity. Kris Jenner has her own office there devoted to the Kardashians. They once had a tape of Justin Beiber using racist language but they kept it in the vault for over a year and instead he did some exclusive appearances on their tv show.


Bloody hell Skinny. I've heard of the 'glass half empty' way of looking at things but I reckon you're more like "That glass is half empty and I bet a rat pissed in it earlier".
He's here for hate. That is all that matters in his world.

!Viva Hate!

pls scream inside your heart ⚧
He's here for hate. That is all that matters in his world.

I can understand someone having a problem with Morrissey’s views. I can understand someone not liking his current musical output. But that isn’t what this is to Skinny anymore...this feels more like some perverted vendetta.


Translation - "Here's something that will keep me in the news for a couple more days. Hope I sell some more tickets"
Maybe , if he had mentioned the South America tour which he didn’t


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As it were and is well known now, the stumbling lad was only trying to love Moz, just like everybody else does. Of course that's what makes it incomprehensible to the less than sensible press:


Morrissey fan Carlos Rodriguez , the man who had seemingly punched Morrissey by accidentally striking his face, has clarified that it was unintentional side effect due his excitement from storming the stage, while conceding that it indeed looked bad.

“Thank you for clearing this up. I admit it looks bad but the momentum to get up did look as if it was aggressive. I hugged him, Moz laughed and i was headlocked. End of story. I have nothing but love for El Jefe! “



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This whole situation is quite weird. The man himself said he didn't intend to punch Morrissey, he is a fan. What else do they need?




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I ye reckon it was a successful tour of Morrissey's empire Southern California. Fek reckon bull ox there is no way he sells out shows in the Midwest or the East Coast inn n din't in n n n n n n n it mate.

Oh my

Enough! or Too much
I do hope this sells more tickets for him. He deserves every penny, he deserves more !
he deserves our hearts! our souls ! and even our first born !

Viva MOZ!!!


He has a HUGE audience in many South American cities, probably because he is popular in the area, but also because of the South American tendency of having countries with a very awkward distribution of the population (i.e, several countries have 1 or 2 huge cities and the rest is quite unpopulated)... i.e, Sao Paulo is the 4th most populated city in the world, Buenos Aires is the 13th, Rio de Janeiro is the 19th...

And, of course, Viva Morrissey!!!!!



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