Morrissey statement on South America tour, food poisoning at TTY: "See the luck I've had"

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    See the luck I've had -
    12 July 2013

    I can't give words to the sorrow I feel at the loss of perfect Peru. Oh, black cloud. After such a victorious and uplifting welcome of Lima love, the contaminated jinx had its way via a simple restaurant meal of penne pasta and tomato. Three hours later, both I, and security Liam have collapsed with a deadly and delirious bedridden disease. Five days of round-the-clock medical supervision just barely controls the corrosively toxic food poisoning. I know my luck too well. Sorrow replaces joy, and in every dream home a heartache. It could only be me.
    I have returned to Los Angeles and to the expert supervision of my doctor Jeremy Fine, who assures me that I shall be fine (although not in the gossamer, powdery sense) for our upcoming shows in Argentina and Brazil. I have absolutely no idea where my beloved Chile has gone. In the heat of cancellations and postponements, the humiliation and mortification I feel on a personal level is too mammoth to be measured. If my spirits climb down any lower I could never again find the dignity to stand upright. We all live at the mercy of biological chance, and although I am not one to take refuge in clichés, I repeat my very servile apologies to any and all who back-packed their way to Peru. Alas, the dark shadow made the same journey.
    Each year of life brings us nearer to our decline, but I will continue to seek a listener until I'm dead in a ditch.

    with all the soul of the world
    12 July 2013, Los Angeles.
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    1. Irregular Regular
      Irregular Regular
      Great to hear Moz is feeling better and that food poisoning was indeed the reason for the cancellations.
    2. Girl-Afraid
      Re: Update from TTY: "See the luck I've had"

      Finally a TTY statement! Oh Moz your words never fail to amuse, even in your hour of illness "the contaminated jinx had it's way via a simple restuarant meal of penne pasta and tomato" haha!
      I honestly, from the bottom of my heart hope he gets better soon, his luck lately has been so bad. I just want to give him a big cuddle.
      So he didn't go back to London then? That was all hearsay. Glad he hopes to continue the rest of his tour.
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    3. hand in glove
      hand in glove
      Well, Morrissey can't be blamed for such things, and he was so looking forward to these shows. I know what it's like to be followed around by that black cloud. How it seems like one minute life is great and then the next everything comes crashing down - and it's beyond anyone's control - whether through sickness or something else. Chile still loves Morrissey; he needn't worry about that. I'm sure Argentina and Brazil will welcome him with open arms. There will always be listeners, so no worries there, either. I hope he and his team feel better soon. I appreciate the fact that he has great humor even when he's sick and feeling down. Whether he knows it or not, Morrissey has a strong spirit. I have faith in that.

      Nothing but tremendous love and respect for this man...always. ♥
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    4. Mozza220559
      Re: Update from TTY: "See the luck I've had"

      This the gayest ever update to date, why can't he just say, yeah I've had the shits I'm at the doctors in LA now and the show'll go on instead of packing the statement full of fluff and bollocks.

      2 spoonfuls of cum via doctors orders should sort him out.
    5. Iona Mink
      Iona Mink
      Re: Update from TTY: "See the luck I've had"

      Mozza220559 for poet laureate
    6. Tibby
      That`s just awful.Poor Morrissey he`s had a difficult year(health wise).It seems so unfair as he was saying how much he was looking foward to those shows. I am sending positive thoughts his way and am praying for his speedy recovery.Get well soon Mozzer!We love ya!
    7. Anonymous
      We highly doubt the Dark Shadow (do please capitalize) "backpacks to Peru". We don't believe the Dark Shadow doubles as a Trattoria cook, either.
      Frankly, the Dark Shadow has more pressing things to do than following doomed tours. Like, getting a tan.

      People who jinx themselves should stop blaming the Dark Shadow.

      Besides, the Dark Shadow would have picked a local dish to cause you intense suffering, and not something as silly-sounding as Peru Penne. Unlike other people, the Dark Shadow respects international cuisine.

      Go fix yourself some rice and carrots (you can drink the water you cook your rice in, it's good for tummy aches, in case Dr Fine didn't tell you that) and stop complaining. And stop bothering important people.



      (and no, you can't call me Darkie. After all, as rising Peruvian star KY elegantly and Garbo-ishly wrote, "PS/ Fuck off, I ain't your Internet mate!")

      NB/ The Grim Reaper says he finds your rush-to-the-loo routine hilarious. Now, how many people can say they're still alive because of the great entairtenmaint value of their number 2's? That's right. Not many. So show you're grateful and you'll live to shit another day.
    8. Anonymous
      Re: Update from TTY: "See the luck I've had"

      If you mean via the rear, that is for the best. You can't ass blast through a gob stopper! Its a cum cork!
    9. Anonymous
      So he doesn't hate Bryan Ferry after all?
    10. Girl_Germs
      The wee lamb! Feel better soon!
    11. Amy
      "Sorrow replaces joy, and in every dream home a heartache. It could only be me"

      What a bunch of cliched, melodramatic drivel. He's delirious for sure.
    12. Anonymous
      Re: Update from TTY: "See the luck I've had"

      I'm to busy to make a comment at the moment. The glorious weather in the UK has got me rushed off my feet with the demand for good quality meat for these long summer night barbecues and not forgetting the imminent arrival of our future heir/heiress to the throne celebrations (my pork n cider hampers are flying out).
      Oh well must get back to the block (the staff are under pressure).
      Have to agree though it does sound a load of bollocks with a strong whiff of lavender attached :mock:

    13. mcrickson

      It's like you two are reading his writing for the first time. This is pretty much standard fare for him — his writing, at least recently, has always been full of this kind of over-the-top nonsense. It's him providing a caricature of himself.
      It's not just recent, it's Morrissey. If he made a statement in 1986 it would be worded similarly
    15. Kewpie

      Do you remember the letters he wrote to Robert?

      He hasn't changed at all.

      Get well soon!! :flowers:
    16. King Leer
      King Leer
      Come on, "Each year of life brings us nearer to our decline, but I will continue to seek a listener until I'm dead in a ditch," is a keeper!
    17. Mozza220559
      Morrissey had more moxie and balls than this in his earlier years of writing, his reading of his latter years now is like some sort of tragic Death In Venice, syphilitic Wilde patois, like a droning elder statesman with a rotting corpse. It's not that northern/Irish sardonic grit anymore, it's just pathetic.
    18. Anonymous
      I have nothing but the utmost respect and appreciation for Morrissey, his statement is so honest and heartily, and I don't think he should feel any "humiliation and mortification" whatsoever, being sick is out of one's control and we all know he was very excited about the tour and wouldn't have postponed anything if he could..
      We are your fans Morrissey and we love you no matter what happens; tour or no tour, record deal or no record deal, etc
    19. !Viva Hate!
      !Viva Hate!
      5 days of treatment? So he knew he had food poisoning the day before the first show yet didn't think it was a good idea to notify anyone of the cancellation until the day of the show?

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