Morrissey spotted in Alderley Edge (12 photos) - Manchester Evening News

Morrissey spotted in Alderley Edge - Manchester Evening News

Did I speak too soon......he’s already here


Image: Eamonn and James Clarke

Famous when dead posted the link:

Heaven knows it's miserable now! Morrissey, 59, protects himself from the pouring rain as he buys flowers with a friend in Cheshire - Daily Mail
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Ian Curtis

I'm genuinely intrigued why he was here though. If he flew into Manchester Airport, Alderley is the opposite way to Hale, where his mum still lives I think?
It’s well known he comes to alderly accasionaly to buy mouisteriser and other bits and bobs, he comes every so often so it’s not unusual to see him

From the left

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Funny he is afraid of the rain.Did he forgot the umbrella?Maybe he should let rain touch is face ,because it's God trying to touch him from heaven ,saying " i am a Big Fan of you,but please make a new album with original songs"


What's he doing out and about with Gary Barlow?
Are they planning a duet?

TJ Burns

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He has looked good lately, he probably didn't figure he'd be photographed. Who hasn't thrown on the nearest random thing to run banal errands? That said, the vest with nothing beneath was a curious sartorial choice, and those jeans belong in no one's closet. At the very least grab a pair that fits.

Pablo Honey

Those are good looking Swiss rolls.
As for the attire; well, he is eccentric man so what do you expect? Historically, strong personalities usually have their own sense of style, be it a weird one. It would be actually disappointing if he looked like GAP ad boy. People should stop examining him like a lab rat (some of you go into the lengths of zooming onto his shoe logo?):crazy: Get a life.


Vegan Cro’s parents regret the condom splitting
FFS the opposite way by like 8 miles - Manchester city centre is further away from Hale than Alderley Edge. Would you question his appearance in the city centre? Some people simply go looking for things that are not there

Looking for things that are not there, like what? All I have said is that I’m intrigued as to why he is here, there is literally nothing here apart from a Waitrose, a Tesco express,a butchers, a pastry shop, some charity shops, lots of pampering shops for the Botox set, some bars and places to eat?


Vegan Cro’s parents regret the condom splitting
Isn't Alderley Edge where all the footballers live?

Yes, along with musicians and actors (if you can call them that)from Coronation Street. It’s a really nice place and not that well known, so the footballers etc don’t get much hassle. When I first moved here Ronaldo lived at the end of my road in a Manchester United staff house, where they let new players live before they buy their own place.

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