Morrissey spotted in Alderley Edge (12 photos) - Manchester Evening News

Morrissey spotted in Alderley Edge - Manchester Evening News

Did I speak too soon......he’s already here


Image: Eamonn and James Clarke

Famous when dead posted the link:

Heaven knows it's miserable now! Morrissey, 59, protects himself from the pouring rain as he buys flowers with a friend in Cheshire - Daily Mail
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(Image: Eamonn and James Clarke)

Think we need to have a little chat about today’s attire....
(Image: Eamonn and James Clarke)

Think we need to have a little chat about today’s attire....
isnt that great, so lovely that he can wear all these funky clothes, glasses and all
whereas you folks actually seem to be unable to widen your limited range of topics just a tiny little bit.
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I don’t think the clothes are funky at all. If anything they’re exspensive trendy fashion wear. Personally I’m curious about the footwear. Maybe something purchased while in la. Sometimes I think people here want morrissey to dress
to respectable. Sure he looks good in a suit but he’s not Richard hawley
What the heck with that bulletproof tank top ? And those Jeans, please Sam burn all those for him

It’s just a thermo vest and not supposed to look like a bullet proof vest. Companies like the north face make sure make tons of them. If you do a google image search of north face vest you’ll see tons going from a hundred to two hundred fifty. His is probably more of a designer one but it’s pretty common
Would have been odd if i had seen him today, would probably have thought f*** me, he looks like Morrissey.
I reckon I have never seen Uncle Steve or lil' Sammy looking so miserable. Look at Uncle Steve's facial expression. Uncle Steve is all "dude, I wish I was back home in Moz Angeles". I reckon the Mankchester trip with lil' Sammy to visit his mom is usually in July where I reckon the weather is tolerable. I reckon Uncle Steve is sentimental. He had to go. Good on ya Air Steve mate inn nnn nnn n nn n nn n n nn n nn it.

Air Steve is not going to "plan a uk tour" If he needs the money, he will have to do a tour of "the uk" and Yerope as a last resort and it would be planned by his management group on Beverly Blvd in LA a million miles away from Brittin.
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f***ing hell, those pictures are in Alderley Edge, wonder what he is doing here?

Visiting his family no doubt. Mum/sister/nephew etc . Looks like he’s given Damon the day off and he’s got Sam carrying for him.

What’s the name of that boozer he drinks in near Beechmount when he’s home?
He is not home dumbasses! His home is LA and he was probably born there, but I don't have the time to prove it because I am not a lazy delusional foreigner. Stop saying mum and both his nephews live in LA. Stop having delusional fantasies that he is drinking at some pob close to your hobbit house. Put your New York Yankee baseball cap on, your Nike shirt, your Levis 501's, and your Converse Air Steves and go home!!!!! Get off of So-Low.
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