Morrissey spotted by Captain Sensible watching The Damned

Captain Sensible from The Damned says that Morrissey was in attendance at the band's Roxy gig on the 21st (Facebook post):

"Last nights Roxy gig was really good fun... among attendees were Greg Hetson from Circle Jerks/Bad Religion, TSOL's Greg Kuehn, Cory Hanson and Lee Landey from my new favourite band Wand, our good chum Fred Armisen, the wonderfully contrary Morrisey (sic) and my colleague from the Jack Tars Chris Cheney."
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I reckon this is so much Bull Ox. I just spotted Morrissey in Manchester with Tom Jones at a Susan Boyle concert at the Royal Albertsons Arena. Morrissey would never be in America, let alone LA. You know all that "America is not the World" and "if the U S A doesn't bomb you" crap to make you people outside of the USA still buy downloads and Mporium gear. Anonymous-
Theres some footage of Morrissey at the gig in this interview with the Damned - at 15m 35s . .....


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