Morrissey spotted at Squarehead / Spies concert in Dublin

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By Brel on Feb 24, 2011 at 11:45 PM
  1. Brel

    Brel Guttersnipe

    Apr 26, 2006
    Update 7:50am PT 2/25/2011:

    Link/photo posted in the forum thread by Silke:

    Morrissey & Squarehead -

    Here we are then:

    [SUB]Moz & Squarehead. (enlarge)[/SUB]​

    Shat myself as I approached for this picture. Y’know, I didn’t wanna be bollocked by him, or worse made feel a spa by himself for asking.

    Anyway, I’ve attracted a load of Morrissey blog people to the site as a result of the picture being on the Richter Collective Blog, so if you are one of those lovely people, I must mention that this is Morrissey’s favourite North-Dublin based photo-blog comprised heavily of live-music images and occasional portraits.

    True story.

    …Sad though that as everyone was talking about how much of a genius he was, all I could think about was that Russell Brand named his cat after him.​

    Update 8:00am PT 2/25/2011:

    Also: link posted in the forum thread by sweetness522:

    Morrissey rocks out to Squarehead - Hotpress

    As I type Morrissey is walking through Dublin city centre and being stalked by people on twitter... He is in town to see Spies at The Workman's Club...

    Here is a picture, via twitter...

    Morrissey left after one song. Croupier supported.

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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2011 (read-only)' started by Brel, Feb 24, 2011.

    1. Anonymous
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    2. goinghome
      Goosebumps, that he's around. My only mistake is I'm hoping... The review of The Spies mentions Paul McCloon who played Suedehead and Hairdresser on Fire last week in association with the station's Cancer Research Shave or Dye Drive where as many people as possible were invited to come forward for a sponsered hair cut or colour to support the cause -

      Thanks Brel. News nice to know. Are you in the picture? I think Anna Calvi played the same venue last night, meant to be fab. Spies await spying on. ;) No chance that Morrissey'd stand as an independent politician tomorrow in the elections?! God knows we could do with a good-looking Taoiseach to kickstart things round here! :D
    3. Ready With Ready-Wit
      Ready With Ready-Wit
      Re: Article: Morrissey spotted at Spies concert in Dublin

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    4. Brel
      No, I'm not in the photo. They look a lot younger than me! My last Dublin trip (weekend before last) was cancelled, thanks to Ryanair altering my flights. As posted, he only stayed for one song, opting to return to the bar in the Clarence Hotel instead.

      I was at home watching the football, with one eye on twitter.
    5. Anonymous
      My Gosh, Morrissey is getting the looks of my grandfather.
    6. Anonymous
    7. HangtheDJ16
      I was there! Met him and got a photo! WOO-HOO!
    8. maudlingirl
      Re: Article: Morrissey spotted at Spies concert in Dublin

    9. GlasgowChivas
    10. roky
      That photo looks fake.
    11. celibate
      never heard of the band

      the left one looks like the early Dominic from The Others when they hang around Libertines and Pete Doherty

      [btw has Morrissey an Irish passport, as today, friday the 25 it's voting day, in Ireland]

      heard Radiohead has a new album out, or saw it all over, never got the feeling
      why they're a bit more special.

      Also Liam G. got on with the rest of Oasis, and also a rlease, new band name

      sorry being O-T.
      He's got the new Squarehead 7" single inside his jacket. They'd literally just given it to him before I took the shot.
    13. Brel
      Doesn't matter if he has or not. He is still entitled to vote in the Dáil election, so long as he has registered himself to that is?
    14. Mars_Rover
      How old is the red-haired boy in the back? He's hella cute, but he looks 12.

      Lovely pinstripe suit on the Mozzer. Couldn't he find a bigger watch though?
    15. Anonymous
      Scouting for support bands?
    16. Anonymous
    17. MozVegan9
      Lookin good Morrissey ;)
    18. not_me_not_I
      Awesome! Can we see the photo? Did you have a chance to talk about anything? What'd he say?
    19. Abrahan
      Looks like morrissey is wearing the same suit from the 2005 Redondo Beach/There Is A Light That Never Goes Out single.

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