Morrissey - Spent The Day In Bed - BBC Radio 2 broadcast mp3 + full 320kbps mp3


team bougatsa
Thanks, fwd! appreciate it!

Viva Mozza

You're the one for me
Thanks FWD

Johnny Barleycorn

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Not exactly great, is it? Superior to anything on WP, but all those discussions about finding new collaborators are likely to start again. Hopefully the rest of the album will grab the attention.

In 1987 Morrissey said pop music was dying. He was right.

PS - Thanks for the upload FWD.


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Bit surprised that this is the choice for single. Reminds me of not much more than a pleasantly jaunty b-side.
Contrary to the majority here I really liked it.

Its not The Smiths, its not early Morrissey either. It's new. Its different.

Good on ya Mozzer!
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