Morrissey: Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium, Calgary, October 11, 2019 (MP3)

Famous when dead

Can you separate the tracks either FLAC or MP3 or cut into two convenient MP3s for CSR?
A bit more info please.
The tracks are separate.
If you mean chop the entire audio stream in half - I can do that later tonight.
The term FLAC in this case is a tiny bit misleading as the audio stream isn't any bigger than 128kbps. That's like saving a 4mb .jpg as a 40mb file - a bit redundant. Most players handle both formats these days too - there's zero benefit to a FLAC in this instance IMHO.
The audio cut in half will have a few bits not included in the above version - all basically silent bits or prolonged audience noise.
CSR is for Bluetooth streaming?


The audio mp3 file has been deleted on wetransfer! Any chance to get it again on there?? Thanks you so much! Sounds Amazing!!
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