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By davidt on Aug 28, 2012 at 4:28 PM
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    The Morrissey-solo Wiki is now live! After several months of work getting the architecture, technical details and initial content / examples in place, it's ready for your input, which will be the most important factor in its success or failure. Take a look around, this is and likely always will be a work in progress so suggestions and feedback will always be welcome. The main focus is on factual and verifiable Morrissey/Smiths-related information and to improve organization of information on this site and elsewhere.

    From the main page of the wiki there are links to the main sections. Here are some example pages to follow for reference:

    See a mistake or want to add some information? All contributions are welcome, whoever you are, as long as they are factual. If you have an issue with an individual user, other parts of the site, or me personally I hope you will overlook that and still contribute to this resource. If you prefer to edit information 'anonymously', you can login with the wiki-only user account (username / password: Wikiuser / solowiki). All edits will be monitored and reviewed for veracity and abuse. Check the Recent Changes page for the latest edits.

    Again I want to emphasize this is just the beginning, there are a lot of pages that need to be created, gaps to be filled, features to be created. Wiki editing has a bit of a learning curve but with a little effort I believe anyone can be comfortable with it. At the start I am focused on fixing any technical / design issues. Please leave feedback either here in this thread / site suggestions forum or on the 'discussion' tabs of the wiki individual wiki pages. Suggestions can also be made on the To-do list / Suggestions wiki page. Overall the project is way beyond what I expected for the initial launch and I have great expectations for it over the years.


    The idea of adding a wiki section to the site came from !Viva Hate! back in April 2012. Following some research I found the MuseWiki as an example for an artist wiki and the MediaWiki software and then followed the example of Wikipedia as a general reference. Thanks to bepe for the vBulletin / MediaWiki integration code.

    The Morrissey-solo Wiki came together because of those volunteers listed below working under the floorboards for the past several months. Thanks especially to !Viva Hate! for the initial idea of adding a wiki section to the site and for working out the structure and early pages to set good examples to follow.

    !Viva Hate!:

    • General wiki architecture and categorization
    • Morrissey / Smiths album and single discography
    • Morrissey / Smiths song pages, lyrics
    • Current / past band line-ups and personnel
    • Initial Morrissey / Smiths live history, media appearances
    • Morrissey-solo Wiki mastheads

    • Initial Morrissey / Smiths live history content
    • Initial Morrissey / Smiths bootlegs content
    • Morrissey video discography

    • Initial Morrissey / Smiths bootlegs content

    • Initial list of influences
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    1. Skylarker
      Great job, David! Thank you. This is an outstanding gift to the fan community. Congratulations on the launch and many thanks to all involved in making it happen. Thank you also for letting me take part in the pre-launch stage...I am honored.

      This is fantastic.
    2. Dagenhame Dave
      Dagenhame Dave
      Awesome job Dave. This is greatly appreciated. Hopefully, Morrissey will let you attend his shows now.
    3. eugenius
      Nice work. Hopefully this will fill the hole that opened when Stephane's Passions ended.
    4. klaus
      Nice work David.
    5. Anonymous
      Great news!! - RWRW
    6. Anonymous
    7. davidt
    8. Anonymous
      A big thank you from Glasgow! Great stuff, David.
    9. CrystalGeezer
      I love how the track lists link to lyrics, even real wiki doesn't do that! :thumb:
    10. Anonymous
      Such a lovely idea... This will make our beloved "so-low" even more of a go-to for all things Moz. I wonder if Stephane is assisting... passionsjustlikemine RIP...
    11. Anonymous
      How can you call Davyhulme his home town? He was born in a hospital of that name and has almost certainly never been back to that maternity hospital. It's not a hometown it's a hospital of birth.
    12. Anonymous
      Co-wrote???? That doesn't sound "write". David have you ever been to the anti-disco Disco?
    13. bored
      Awsome.. can't imagine doing all that work.

      I will say this.. let's start the first argument on lyrics.

      Tony the Pony.. the lyric is soft-touch Tony.. not fucked-up Tony.
    14. boy_afraid_Liverpool
      I have always believed it to be fucked up Tony
    15. Anonymous
      Clive Langer co-writer (1990-91?)
    16. wemissumoz
      Congrats David. You have got some balls to open something new for 5000 eyes to review and pick at (as I see it has started already.) This is a great resource that will only get better.
    17. Anonymous
      The post remarks that this site "could have new life if it were remade as a kind of information archive about Morrissey, more detailed and better cultivated than his Wikipedia entries ever could be, assimilating new information as it develops."

      So you may want to read that "vague post" again.
    18. Dave2006
      I'm new to this... but I think the idea is that if you notice something incorrect, you log on and change it.

      For what it's worth, I agree with you, clearly his hometown should be Manchester. I doubt that Morrissey has any affinity with Davyhulme, in fact very few people have, even those who live there would probably describe themselves as being from Urmston.

      Whilst were on that page, why isn't Rough Trade listed as one of his labels? And why is he listed as being 'active' from 1977? What was he doing in 1977 that he wasn't doing in 1976?


      ps - great work so far to all involved in setting up the site!
    19. davidt
      The site already had that 'information archive', 'assimilating new information as it develops' actually. Going by your argument, you could say any idea for a new feature on the site spawned from that post, when it actually had no influence.

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