Morrissey-solo moved to the cloud

A long planned move has finally been completed, Morrissey-solo has moved from being hosted on a 7 year old physical server to being hosted in the Amazon cloud (AWS). I believe most issues have been worked out but please let me know if anything is not working properly.

Since the changes were all infrastructure-related, you may not notice any difference, that's actually ideal. The work began several months ago and during the quiet couple weeks over the holiday I was able to complete it quicker than expected.

The web servers are now 'stateless' so it's more scalable - easy to add/remove servers depending on the load. Going forward there will be less likelihood of downtime, more resiliency in the form of easy site site snapshots, greater flexibility to work on features and take advantage of the latest cloud technologies.

This move is significant in that it greater ensures Morrissey-solo continues on and moves forward - now, today, tomorrow and always...

joe frady

Vile Refusenik
a Black one, í assume? :tiphat:


Don't Leave Us In The Dark
Excellent work David! I know what moving to the cloud is like and it is far from trivial, so I always find it amazing and impressive how much time and effort you put into this site. To have made this move without anyone even noticing is a tribute to your hard work. I echo FWD's comment while appreciating the humour of Joe Frady's :thumb:


I haven’t understand anything ! Too technical for me. Never mind because the most important thing for me is to thank you for this site, not as courtesy (non par politesse) but by recognition, even if I don’t know you. Please don’t consider my message as a blahblah, it’s not. And David, I like your "always."


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I don't see any diference yet but then I know very little about tech ...but moving to the big black cloud is a great step.
You've always been very smart and ahead, always working to the better for this site which I personally owe and care a lot about it.
:DThank you David, the pleasure the privilege is mine ;):rock::cool:

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Thanks for all you do, David, to provide us with a community, such that it is.


its not me its you.
does the super duper hyper technical amazon cloud have a bit for blocking trolls.
you could make this site gold plated, but in the end the binmen wouldn't touch it with a bargepole.[INSERT SHIT EMOJI HERE PLEASE CLOUD].


Don't feel bad for me...
I have been coming to this site since 1998, I that how long?

Thanks for everything!


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I first came to your site (and before that had all your original zines). I really appreciate the work and dedication you've put in to create this community ... fractured as it is.


Tony The Pony
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Please contact the server administrator, [email protected] and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

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Working great on Microsoft Edge.

Thanks for keeping it going!

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