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Discussion in 'Site Feedback / Suggestions' started by davidt, May 16, 2016.

By davidt on May 16, 2016 at 5:02 PM
  1. davidt

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    Feb 12, 1997
    The move from vBulletin to XenForo as the main platform for Morrissey-solo is complete. While it may look similar, just about all site pages back to the last platform change in 2011 and all forum posts back to 1999 are affected, so this is a big undertaking.

    While vBulletin was stable and working, it was not moving forward and was starting to break around the edges, this move is mainly to ensure the sustainability of the site for the future. As I was evaluating XenForo during this quiet time in the Morrissey world, I was impressed with the development team, design and the amount of support it has. I've worked to make sure things work 'pretty much the same' and major features of the previous site are supported. If you notice anything missing or have any issues/feedback regarding the changes, please post in this thread.

    New features:
    • New / modernized interface
    • Responsive mobile/tablet support
    • Regularly updated platform and active third party plugin support
    • Twitter and Google login in addition to Facebook
    • Optional Premium subscription (Support the site + ability to disable ads)
    • New post like system - likes have been reset and are no longer anonymous. A post that gets a number of negative ratings will be hidden
    • Add thread (event) to calendar
    Known issues:
    • Some settings were reset, please go through and verify preferences, privacy and signature formatting
    • IOS Emojis in posts not supported currently
    • Commas not supported in usernames. If you had a comma in your username it has been changed to a period. Let me know if you'd like to change it to something else
    • Still working on some site optimizations, tweaks to continue as issues are raised. Some hardware configurations have also changed and in the process of being updated in the next several weeks.
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Discussion in 'Site Feedback / Suggestions' started by davidt, May 16, 2016.

    1. gordyboy9
      looks good but will take a bit of getting used to.
    2. bob-first1
      Been a daily user since 96. In fact, when I got my first job that had internet access, solo was probably the first site I found after searching "Morrissey". Through the ups and downs, with Moz, thank you David for being the bigger guy. Can we for a second imagine if Marr had been able to tolerate him just a little more, what we might have? Anyhow, thank you David T for all you've done over the years to keep this site/community up. The Mobile experience is great too BTW.
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    3. 12" on the slack
      12" on the slack
      Well, thank you for all your good work.

      Just a thought about moderation and what's acceptable to post here: this place seems pretty much "anything goes" and I think open forums with little moderation are a good thing. People should be able to interact in a civilised enough manner with little guidance and without heavy moderation. But when it comes to hate speech I think your approach "if it gets enough down-votes it'll get hidden" is not very good to be honest. When it comes to actual racism and homophobia there should be a zero-tolerance policy.

      Posts like "That explains it, gays are so over. Fudgepack geeks. not men, not women. Just wasted cum" really don't reflect well on this forum (or any forum) and I have never seen a forum where this is allowed. It's hate speech and it's prohibited by law. This poster could actually get fined/go to jail for this. It's never acceptable. Please think about it.
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    4. davidt
      With the downvoting option now the community has more control of moderation actually, so if anything we'll let more questionable material go through. You and I both downvoted, why didn't anyone else? Maybe they just ignored it or are still learning the system. The changes are new so give it some time. Adjustments can be made. Currently it's set to hide if at least 5 users give negative ratings and 75% of votes are negative (Example: 5 positive and 5 negative ratings would be 50% and would not be hidden).

      Otherwise moderation hasn't really changed, if you want to discuss that further you can create a new thread. Looking at the context of the post in question, it's definitely borderline but it is not a spam bot or gibberish / off-topic, someone is directly responding to your post.

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    5. evennow
      Just a follow-up to this. If you downvote a post, is the person notified specifically who voted their post down or do you remain anonymous?
    6. davidt
      Post likes / ratings (either positive or negative) are no longer anonymous, logged-in users can see who voted by clicking 'list' on the ratings. Anonymous users can't see the list. Try it out, you can undo ratings easily.

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    7. evennow
      OK I am going to practice on you so don't take my negative vote seriously if I can't fix it ;) . I am glad anonymous posters can't view this information because in large part the most vile posts come from that group. It will be an interesting dynamic when those of us who log in get a big thumbs down from another member who we can now identify and call out. This new ability may lead to all out war :gun:
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    8. evennow
      Thanks for the thumbs up bobby. Interesting how we can now identify who is a liker and who is a hater of our posts. Everyone should keep this in mind as they press the thumbs down button.
    9. No1uno
      I personally don't mind supporting the site and I clicked on the link to do it. I don't want to do PayPal as I would prefer to stay anonymous. Is there a way to subscribe by mail and send in the payment. Pm if it can be done that way and you don't want that info on the thread. Thanks
    10. MarioTheMexMozFan
      MUCHAS GRACIAS! Me Gusta....Me Gusta....Me Gusta.
    11. davidt
      Don't worry about it, the idea was to provide an easy way to contribute towards the site. :) I don't know if donating bitcoin is anonymous enough but if you want to do that I added that option (on the About page).

    12. No1uno
      Thanks for the response. I did take a look at bit coin.
    13. hand in glove
      hand in glove
      David, when I posted my blog, the time immediately said it had been submitted 27 minutes earlier. Not a big deal, of course, but I thought you'd like to know the time is off by nearly 30 minutes. I've only noticed that error in the blog section, by the way.
    14. davidt
      For the blogs it has an 'entry date' which is set when you first click on create entry. So it posts that initial time unless you change it before saving it.

    15. Calamine Lotion
      Calamine Lotion
      Thanks again. The site is so much more pleasant with the changes. You can create your own experience here now with the ability to completely ignore people. I know I mentioned it before but every time I forget to sign in I am reminded.
      But it's also much easier to add videos and there is a much better, improved and evolved experience overall. Thank you.
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    16. evennow
      Thank you David for providing a place for all Morrissey enthusiasts to engage in conversation, and for not "screening" posters as many, many here have requested and in some cases verbally assaulted you. My experience here would not be the same without Benny or Brummie, nor without their counterparts like KS and Rifke.

      Those who do not see or appreciate this fact are not worth your consideration. Please keep up the good work. Your efforts are appreciated by many here as you have already read. Sometimes it is not easy fighting the good fight, but when you are pissing some people must be doing something right :thumb:
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