Morrissey-solo move to XenForo complete

The move from vBulletin to XenForo as the main platform for Morrissey-solo is complete. While it may look similar, just about all site pages back to the last platform change in 2011 and all forum posts back to 1999 are affected, so this is a big undertaking.

While vBulletin was stable and working, it was not moving forward and was starting to break around the edges, this move is mainly to ensure the sustainability of the site for the future. As I was evaluating XenForo during this quiet time in the Morrissey world, I was impressed with the development team, design and the amount of support it has. I've worked to make sure things work 'pretty much the same' and major features of the previous site are supported. If you notice anything missing or have any issues/feedback regarding the changes, please post in this thread.

New features:
  • New / modernized interface
  • Responsive mobile/tablet support
  • Regularly updated platform and active third party plugin support
  • Twitter and Google login in addition to Facebook
  • Optional Premium subscription (Support the site + ability to disable ads)
  • New post like system - likes have been reset and are no longer anonymous. A post that gets a number of negative ratings will be hidden
  • Add thread (event) to calendar
Known issues:
  • Some settings were reset, please go through and verify preferences, privacy and signature formatting
  • IOS Emojis in posts not supported currently
  • Commas not supported in usernames. If you had a comma in your username it has been changed to a period. Let me know if you'd like to change it to something else
  • Still working on some site optimizations, tweaks to continue as issues are raised. Some hardware configurations have also changed and in the process of being updated in the next several weeks.
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hand in glove

Life is never kind
It looks great, David. Thanks for all of your hard work.


Lust a prima vista
Looks great. Nice job and thank you.

Famous when dead

Feels intuitive.
Your efforts are appreciated.
Some interesting tools to get used to on here.

Must add: not physically seeing any post by someone being ignored is excellent.
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Teenage Lightning
I'm a regular user at the Steve Hoffman Music Forums, where XenForo has been used as the platform for quite some time, and really enjoy the interface, notification system, and other features. Nice to see it implemented here. Thanks for your hard work, David!


The change is admirable. I, too, appreciate all that you do...Going 2 miss the old but excited 2 have something new.


Looks nice. Can't say anything about the tech side of things but seems nice


Well-Known Member
It takes time and sacrifice to keep a community like this going, and it often goes thankless. So much thanks David!


The If
Really like the mobile interface. Must have been a ton of work moving over. Thanks!


Staff member
I went with the new smilies as part of the new design but I see your point, not every change is an improvement. I sort of like the old confused and mad ones better also. I will change those back for now.


Dear David,

Looks great, but upsetting to find that the generic 'smiley face' is gone. How will people know that I'm generically 'happy' if I have to use the new smiley face that's just too cute and cartoonish?

Not to say that I'm ever really 'happy',though it's nice to pretend.

yours truly, Ketamine Sun


Staff member
Wow, thanks David. That was quick! Now that's what I call 'service with a smilie ' ! How about the old 'wink' and 'sad' ?

Hope I'm not asking for too much,but it would help me to sleep tonight if I know that I'll be better able to communicate with my fellow forum members who really enjoy it when I use plenty of smilies, they can't get enough! especially Benny and Uncleskinny :).

thanks again.

yours truly, Ketamine Sun

You got it


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