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By davidt on Apr 1, 2011 at 3:35 PM
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    Feb 12, 1997
    As part of the ongoing changes, from now on the site previously known as "" is changing to "". Please change your bookmarks accordingly.

    This change signifies a move away from the past site's reputation of negativity in advance of the new releases and tour. Rather than keep the open policy on the site, anything deemed negative or otherwise too critical may be removed from the site at any time. Frankly, I also have wanted to change the name for a while as I have really gotten sick of people using the term 'solow' in describing the site.

    Further down the road some changes include most likely getting rid of anonymous comments as many people have requested. One person pointed out a little while ago that "the site was rendered obsolete by Facebook, Wikipedia, and various search engine options." At first I dismissed the idea but after some consideration it does appear to be happening so I will be making some more changes such as using Facebook to handle the commenting. I look at Facebook and they are growing at an amazing rate and most comments posted there are nice and supportive. I hardly see anyone attacking anyone else and everyone is friends, isn't that an ideal environment for discussion?

    Fellow Morrissey lovers, this is our time, at last. Unite and Take Over!
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2011 (read-only)' started by davidt, Apr 1, 2011.

    1. Anonymous
      So nice, especially on April Fool's Day.

      Keep up the great work David!
    2. Anonymous
      I, for one, welcome these changes. It's about time this site got on board with the Internet's general trend of being a supportive, positive environment. I mean, who wants to go on a Web site where people can freely post their opinions and engage in actual discussions? I'm all for expressing your opinion about Morrissey, but only if it's positive! Besides, if you post negative comments about Morrissey, you cannot be a true fan. True-to-You will always be my favorite Web page, but now Morrissey Lovers United will be a close second. As Morrissey says: Love, peace, and harmony = very nice!
    3. Anonymous
      Liberals have been trying to get rid of freedom of speech for years now, it's nothing new.
    4. Anonymous
    5. Anonymous
      Guess we won't be reading any more comments about how much Jesse sucks or how fat Boz is getting. Or the "new, fresh collaborators needed" or "why did you think Moz cancelled the latest show?" The changes David will be making are welcome and a much needed change in the right direction. The kind of negativity featured on Morrissey-Solo will no longer be prominent on MorrisseyLoversUnited because we are all one big happy family. Even if you do happen to rate Maladjusted and Kill Uncle near the career lows of Morrissey's solo work, just remember to say it equals Vauxhall so we can all respect you AND be happy as well. If you behave well on this website, your voice will be heard. Keep it clean and respectful. Also, if you would like any design layout changes or have any other ideas in mind, feel free to contact David at the address listed.
    6. David T (different)
      David T (different)
      Beautiful - and about time too, David x
    7. headmusic
      Well done, David!! It's nice that everyone posting comments will finally show their faces. I like this page, and I visit it quite often, but one of the things that I didn't like was the amount of comments from anonymous people, I dont know, lots of people was hiding and posting hideous comments and not taking any responsability for what they say. This should be a place for fans after all, and the musical compliments and critics should come from us, the fans. And it actually doesnt take to long to sign in. And at least if we argue, we will know who we are talking to. And if we know, we can always make things up :thumb: So congratulations for the changes, and I wish the best for MorrisseyLoversUnited. See you in the forums guys!!
    8. celibate
      mhh, what's the date today:lbf:
    9. Stephane
      I'm all for trying to control the troublemakers who hang out here, but I hope there's a solution that doesn't involve merging the forums with Facebook (whatever "using Facebook to handle the commenting" means). Wouldn't disabling anonymous posting be enough?

      Long live MorrisseyLoversUnited!
    10. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      Possibly the finest April Fools' in recent memory, anywhere.
    11. Anonymous
      so, you have to have a facebook to be a member now?
    12. Anonymous
      A fresh name is a good idea and probably so is editing anonymous negativity. I don’t know about the possibility of the site becoming obsolete by Facebook, but if this is the end of the "Morrissey-solo" era, I will take this moment to note the importance of the site in disseminating information between Maladjusted and You Are the Quarry. Records stores were closing, making it harder to find import copies of NME, etc. There were no official Morrissey websites. This site was up and running before internet usage was widespread for such things and was the source for info.
    13. Anonymous
      Idiots. All of you. How can you all be so queer? THE ONLY REASON this site is good is because of the anonymous-intelligent-funny people/trolls. Do we really want 600 posts from Robby or Dave or Theo rambling on about their on and off again meth addictions or the Democrats? IN fact, I think ALL POSTS should be anonymous, what are you trying to prove? "They're only trying to make their name with..." -Morrissey. NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOU OR WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT "anonymous comments", it's about Morrissey and his solo career and those involved (including The Smiths), good or bad, NOT ABOUT YOU. Why can't you get this through your thick skulls? Take all the negative opinions away and you have: BORING. Most of your lives are sad (and so is mine), but when I come here, do I really want to hear positive comments such as, "Lusty's voice is beautiful!" (gag) or, "I feel, as an irregular regular, I should be heard more, oh and I went to a Smiths show in 1977 and I feel Morrissey's greatest track is, 'What Do You See In Him?'"

      Don't be stupid.

      It's April fools, you're too dense to notice. David isn't going to change a thing and rightfully so and thank god. Davidt is a major reason for revitalizing Morrissey's career in America, not Julia, not anyone else. He does his best, it's obvious and he's doing just fine. I say that and I don't even think I like Davidt, even though he is a very nice guy, but the facts are the facts and I appreciate what he's done over the last 15+ years - he certainly doesn't need the advice or opinions of a whole bunch of REGISTERED people doped up on anti-depressants. VIVA ANONYMOUS!
    14. klaus
    15. billy scissors
      billy scissors
      anonymous= gay
    16. andveganpancakes
      I know it's joke, but maybe there should be a morrissey lovers united, or at least a support group.
    17. Anonymous
      Let me also add: That Davidt has done MORE for Morrissey and his fans than any of his record companies have EVER done. And in Morrissey's own sick way, I'm sure he appreciates Davidt. and so do I. Everyone who comes here should donate money to this site (except me), because I'm ANONYMOUS.
    18. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      Beyond parody.
    19. billy scissors
      billy scissors
      Ok David,thats enough

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