Morrissey-solo 20 years old today (Feb. 12, 2017)

Today marks 20 years since Morrissey-solo was launched on February 12, 1997. It's been a thrill to work on this site that still consistently averages over 100,000 unique visitors / month. This is a testament to the legacy and interest that Morrissey continually generates and countless small and large contributions from those touched by the music. Thank you to those who have kept it going.

Although it's been through several major redesigns, growing along with the internet itself, in many ways the site is the same as it was when it started - independent and self-supported, open and self-correcting. If you just started visiting or have been for many years, I hope you have enjoyed the freedom that the site allows despite the occasional offense and peril that may have ensued.

20 years to be doing anything I think is a great accomplishment and shows it's here for the long term. I hope you find a project like this to work on that you feel as passionate about.

Image for the 20 year anniversary created by King Cat Hollywood, limited edition T-shirts may be available shortly.

UPDATE Mar. 4:
T-shirt purchase details posted by kingcathollywood / Instagram.
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Solo went from being Woodstock to now being as effective on censorship as North Korea so well done you supposedly open liberals/socialists who cannot realise you are all fascists.

Loitering at Solo since 1998.


A site dedicated to a man that hates this place, wow just wow.

Harsh Truth

Ever Felt Had?
Like many others have mentioned, I came across this site in 1997 during the Maladjusted tour, when the internet was somewhat new and my interest in Morrissey was reinvigorated after seeing two back-to-back shows (Boston and Providence). My 3rd and 4th shows respectively, having seen one in '91 and one in '92.

I was curious if the songs I'd heard those nights were in-line with other shows on the tour thus far.

The rest is history. Pretty much a daily visitor for nearly 20 years. I love tour-related discussion the most. Thanks for keeping this site going, David. And for continuing to upgrade the site and keep things looking fresh. Despite the lunacy that occurs on these pages, I know everyone appreciates your work. Deep down, even Morrissey does I bet.
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