Morrissey/Smiths Night at Delilah's Chicago - 25th Anniversary - Friday, June 9, 2023


Smith DJ Tony

Morrissey/Smiths Night
Friday, June 9, 2023
9pm to 2am

2771 North Lincoln Avenue
Chicago, Illinois

Hi Everyone,

Come celebrate 25 CONTINUOUS years of this event at Delilah's Chicago!!! It all started with a simple desire to play the music we all love so much and love to sing VERY LOUDLY with unbridled enthusiasm. With that, I took a chance, ask around, and received a call back from Delilah's in Chicago. What start out as an event for Mozza's birthday May 1998 upstairs at Delilah's turned quickly from 2 times per year to 4 times per year to moving downstairs for the whole bar to hang out, sing, celebrate, and even some non-fans to hate on a quarterly basis. :)

Outside of taking 1 time off due to the whole "For Britain B.S.", HERE WE ARE!!!

When "For Britain" occurred, I was very torn, and I literally messaged the Star & Garter in Manchester on Facebook Messenger to get advice from those who do SMITHS DISCO. I discovered this amazing event while on a work exchange visa in the UK in 1996, and it was my absolute/ultimate/definitive inspiration. I was back there in 2009 when I saw Morrissey in England and France. The folks at the Star & Garter messaged me back almost immediately to basically say that Morrissey is a KNOB, and they will never let him forget it until he comes to his senses. (Good Luck with that!!!). But, they also said that the music is also about Johnny Marr, Andy Rourke, Mike Joyce, Craig Gannon, Alain, Boz, and the countless musicians who wrote and contributed. So after that one time off, I carried on!!!

I can remember thinking in 2002. "Wow, it's been 4 years!!!" And now, I am still saying WOW!!! .... And, I am so so grateful to Delilah's....but truly extremely grateful to all of the people who came out to have fun, dance, and sing loudly!!! I have met so many nice people and made many lifelong friends.

25 Years!!! How in the heck did that happen???!!!! :)

Hope everyone is doing very well. Much regards, Much respect, and most importantly, .....MUCH MUCH LOVE!!!

Cheers!!! Tony!!!
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