Morrissey/Smiths Interview

Strange Fear

Please keep me in mind
I was wondering if someone could upload four audio interviews. I lost them when my comp got cleaned out.
First one is an interview with Morrissey, Smiths era. It features the song Anyone Who Had A Heart by Dionne Warwick. Morrissey talks about James Dean, Oscar Wilde, Terrence Stamp and Viv Nicholson among other things. And during the whole interview there's like a hammering noise in the back round, the interviewer and Moz even jokingly comment on it.

Second one is the Smiths in session. It's just an interview with Moz.

Third one is Meat is Murder, Warner Bros Music show. It talks about the making of Meat is Murder.

The last one is a two part interview. The audio is kind of bad. It doesn't have a title or anything. It saids
Interviewer:You've said things like you have a absoulte physical necessity to write, and if I don't write I die. Can you explain that?
Morrissey:It's really as simple as it sounds Perhaps it's the strange thing that I really can't explain

I know it's not much of a description, but if anyone has any of these it would be greatly appreciated.
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