Morrissey & Smiths driving music?


It's all good
Stop Me, The Loop, Hand In Glove, Something Is Squeezing, London, Good Looking Man, Handsome Devil, National Front Disco, Queen Is Dead, Don't Make Fun Of..., Nowhere Fast, Ganglord.



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I tend to think every Moz/Smiths song is great to listen to in the car. I skip past golden lights most of the time though.


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Life is a Pigsty. Southpaw. My Love Life. Irish Blood, English Heart (Whoooooosh). The entire Years of Refusal album.
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i want the one i cant have and still ill cause it has that great

for slower songs late night maudlin street

i think it was douglas copeland who interviewed him 2006
found" life is a pigsty" great for driving


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At the end of last year I was working nightshift, 10pm-6am. Every time I was driving home from work I listened to "How Soon Is Now?" LOUD as hell. I can't tell you much that pleasure that riff gave me, it sounded so amazing in my car.
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