Morrissey/Smiths Collection for Sale


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I have the following items available for sale. All of this was collected some 20 years ago when I was a devout fan. It's been sitting in boxes in my basement for quite some time now and I want it gone. Make a reasonable offer on any of it, and it's likely to be yours. Feel free to ask any questions or request photos.

6” vinyl (all have those funny inscriptions on the vinyl)
Smiths - Girlfriend in a Coma (UK)
Smiths - How Soon is Now? (UK)
Smiths - That Joke isn’t Funny Anymore (UK)
Smiths - I Started Something I Couldn’t Finish (UK)
Smiths - Hand in Glove (UK)
Vincent Gerard & Steven Patrick - I Know Very Well How I Got my Note Wrong (bonus 6” that came with the first pressing of Durutti Column’s Vini Reily)

12” (vinyl)
Smiths - Sheila Take a Bow (Greek)
Smiths - William is was Really Nothing (UK)
Smiths - Ask (UK)
Smiths - Boy with the Thorn in his Side (UK)
Smiths - What Difference Does it Make? (German - has Moz posing on the cover instead of the original star from “The Collector”)

Moz - Singles Collection 1986-1992 boxset
Smiths - William, It was Really Nothing
Smiths - What Difference does it Make? (Australian)
Smiths- Morrissey 1959-1986 bootleg
Moz- Wembley Arena 7-20-91 bootleg
Moz-King Lear, Live at Hammersmith 10/91 bootleg
Smiths-Peel Session
Moz-My Love Life EP (Japan)
Moz - UK promo copy of Jack the Ripper
Moz-Certain People I Know single (UK)
Moz-My Love Life (US)
Moz-at KROQ (There’s a Place in Hell, My Love Life, Sing Your Life)
Smiths-interview CD-Ask me, Ask me, Ask me
Moz & Siouxsie - Interlude (UK)
Moz-Hold on to Your Friends
Moz-More you Ignore Me

Moz-Live in Japan 1991
Moz-The Malady Lingers On (Japan)
Moz-Sing Your Life (Japan)
Smiths-The Complete Picture
Moz-Live in Dallas

James Dean is Not Dead (Steven Morrissey)
Your Arsenal tourbook
Kill Uncle tourbook
Smiths...Best II (guitar tabs)
Morrissey In Quotes
The Smiths - The Visual Documentary (Johnny Rogan)
Moz/Marr - Severed Alliance
Morrissey Shot - Linder Sterling
The Smiths in Quotes
Smiths-Complete Story (Mick Middles)


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One last thing, I'd really prefer if people just make offers on items, rather than asking me what I want for them. To be honest, I'm not out to gouge anyone and don't really know today's worth of the items. If I get multiple offers on the same items, I'll give it to either the highest offer or offer that includes the most items. I'd prefer to sell groups of items rather than piecemeal...


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Following items have been SOLD:

James Dean is Not Dead book
Kill Uncle tour book
Your Arsenal tour book
Sheila 12" (Greek)
What Difference CD (Australian)
Know Very Well How I Got My Note Wrong 7"

Btw, those 6" should say 7" obviously..... :blushing:
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