Morrissey sighting: Macclesfield - February 11, 2022

Macclesfield yesterday with Johnny Lord (from Facebook). So, not in LA! OK let's see if I can post this image.


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When I first saw the headline I thought it said 'Morrissey signing' and I was thrilled for a quarter second until I saw it was 'sighting'.


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A nice experience for the fan, but Moz looks so tired and unhappy. I wish he'd go for a pint with Johnny and sort out their issues, the bloke lives minutes away.

F*ck j. Marr

And nobody, almost really nobody wants to take a picture with jhon f***ing shitbrain marr. And it says a lot


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It must be irritating and embarrassing to go out for a pint and constantly have men come up to you, crying. Then have to sit for a photo while all the other pub regulars think, “what the hell is going on there?!”

I had to give up going to pubs because of it.

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