Morrissey sighting in Manchester (December 5, 2019)

Moz and his irish homeless guy look. Next he'll turn up at a gig in a Skoda munching on a raw potato.

From the side it looks cool but imagine it from the front. That cap and that coat and his typical tent wide jeans.
Looks a bit gutted that his Habsburg heritage means he is inbred. Trafford Center buying gay french pastries.

Damon wants a drone for xmas.

Possibly, wasn't Moz wearing a wedding ring in a recent picture? I wasn't invited to the happy event...
Gay people can never stay faithful to anyone. Messy break ups and violence and drug use and suicides according to all statistics which is why even liberal pro gay Sweden are having doctors and shrinks warning of the dangers of having a sex change cause it is bad as it is being gay apparently.

Some have known this for ages but now even those on the other side of the debate field are alarmed.
I can confirm that the couple were pictured when buying a new swedish honey made by this man:


Chili honey to fight colds and more!
This sensual and thoughtful look makes it particularly attractive!!
And who the hell pays any attention to the clothing in such a dream of a man?
And what is there to expose?
Also these constant speculations with whom he is associated. .....just sad and primitive. Leave him alone and don't look at him if you don't like him!
I am happy that Morrissey is well and wish him that he only has nice hours left in his life!

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It does look like one "Moorissey" has, he hasn't been hanging out in Echo Park has he?
It looks very old if anything. Far from the well dressed man on the ski slopes of Utah being interviewed by his most famous swedish fan.


"The Human Daffodil" by Andres Lokko

He was licking his wounds after having his heart broken as his boyfriend dumped him.
Weird. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him wear a hat like that. it works well with his longer hair but I wouldn’t have ever even imagined in one
you dont see Le Pew :handpointright::guardsman::handpointleft: out and about buying merchandise.:lbf: too poor.:lbf:

Damon is Moz PA and BODYGUARD.:thumb:
he knows jiu jitzo and can karate kick any Skinny pseud agent approaching and getting out of line.:rock:
Steve looks good. Damon looks good though. God I hope they bought great things. I know i've bought some great things recently.

Clapton the West Bromwich nazi who has never done anything good for his own people all his life.

He was relevant 20 years ago when I attened a funeral that played one of his songs and since then I have not heard anything about him.

You sure he is still alive?
Apparently Steve and Diesel out shopping in Jacamo.

Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife:
Is Damon the longest relationship he's ever had? Seems like he's been around forever.
Is Damon the longest relationship he's ever had? Seems like he's been around forever.
Easily the longest. The other relationships did not last long if you even can call them relationships. The skinhead he had was more about lust and Moz eternal admiration for the culture and men like that.

They might well marry one day but Moz will have the most technical prenup ever.

Sounds funny prenup to us swedes cause nuppa is silly slang for having sex. Why we need consent and a contract to be able to f*** someone legally is beyond me.
Ahaaa tenia un anillo de compromiso en la foto con Thelma...pero ese Damon es el novio??? No esta bueno es mas bien feo....a pesar de los 60 Moz es Moz y pense que tenia mejor gustoo ,a M se lo ve bien, relajado y como mas joven,parece tener mejor piel,, pero... hay algo q es cierto Moz deberia cambiar algo su imagen,el se vestia re bien ,,yo creo q los pantalones de vestir le quedan mejor,los jeans son muy grandes ,las remeras sin mangas deberia abandonarlas,las camisas le quedan lejoss mucho mejor ,con camisas estaba impecable,si !!!!definitivamente los jeans tan anchos no le van,deberia usarlos menos y un poco mas angostos, el pelo no tan blanco,,un poco matizado c sutiles reflejos,no como el novio q parece q se puso pomada negra para le hace falta asesor de vestuario ,simplemente abandonar ciertas prendas o usarlas menos, igualmente para mi Moz puede salir vestido de la momia en sus conciertos y aun asi va a seguir siendo mi cantante favoritoo buena foto,aunque se lo ve mas bien serio y algo esquivo ,pero salio bien pongan mas,,!!!!!! En serio el hombre de pelo negro es el noviode Moz????
MOZuchiss puede salir a cantar vestido de momia ,(mummy,) q igual va a ser mi cantante mas querido!!!! Aunque tenga un novio desabrido !!
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