Morrissey sighting in Manchester (December 5, 2019)

Famous when dead



December 5 - the poster subsequently says it was taken in Manchester.
Image shared by 'SophieImages' on Instagram.

What a cutie! :love:

A little shopping? and why not?

After another successful tour you deserve to treat yourself to anything you want honey.

Typical under radar gay couple him and Damon.

"If we look relaxed they will never think of us that we penetrate each others arseholes".

Almost normal but not quite!
Homosexual in disguise!

Breath smells of spunk.

Awkward moment in the dildo store:

"Is this the bakery"

Off to the butchers for his xmas sausages.
Moz and Damon are doing it like Elton John said.

Wink wink nudge nudge with the elbow. I heard they click with tongues somalian style. Damon clicks a question and Moz says no with one click and yes with two.

"Click clickety click click (Damon asks if they can have some cake)

Moz replies:
Click Click and moves his eyebrows up and down which means "if you eat it off my body Damon".
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