Morrissey sighting: Garbage concert (September 4, 2023)



Link to Garbage / Instagram story posted by Marsadjusted, original story from hannahmlondon / Instagram. Screenshot posted by Famous when dead:


Facebook reel posted by Marsadjusted:

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I don't understand. It reminds me of the sad story of Michael Jackson's daughter, who has a lot of relatives and they all claimed that they were a terribly close-knit family. Morrissey has beloved nephews whom he adores. can't they come to his house, pour out his gallons of alcohol, throw away the bottles and say: "That's it, uncle, tie it up. Let's go for a walk." otherwise why do you need a family to share the inheritance?
people think that if they don't see someone lying on the sidewalk, then there is no alcoholism. but this disease can be hidden for a very long time.
Uhm why are you assuming he’s an alcoholic. Wild speculation on your part and nothing more.
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My, those showbiz types, how easily they forgive one another. Isn't that touching...

All the same, who knew that "Queerest of the Queer" was referring to a conservative self-centered clueless old ass equating assaulted aspiring actresses with disappointed sluts?

I certainly didn't, when I bought that album! (I suddenly find that track a lot less sexy...)

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