Morrissey sighting 7th Dec 2016


Image from There Is A Light That Never Goes Out Facebook group
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This could be in Monaco check the tracky top and the guys post
OK... What's the point of having a house in Lausanne if one's going to spend money one's fans' money at the "Nice Shore". (Blandest name ever, even by Swiss standards...)
Is this the 19th century, when it took servants days to prepare the house for their master? Get a move on, Duster...

File under rich guy's bizarre behaviour that makes you feel positively working-class.:rolleyes:
Lovely smile when he is with guys but I bet he wouldn't be all smiles if it had been a woman :rolleyes:
That should be Iceland or London , oh wait what would he be doing in Reikjavik ?
He doesn't live in wherever Nazi country this is. He has one permanent residence in L.A. and has lived there since 1996. Will you people ever get it? Stop trying to fantasize he lives next to your backward country.

Another thing, he wears those Kickball jackets because he likes the look and the logos, not because he likes or plays Kickball. Nice gigantic Nike logo. He must of got that free at one of the Steve and John "secret" corporate gigs at Nike in America.
Honestly, why didn't he simply name the country? Too tedious?
He was afraid hillbillies named Aztec would come and storm the breakfast buffet, presumably. ;) *

Looks like it's a fantastic breakfast buffet. I encourage people with airline credits and unused tickets to go sample it. :thumb:

* Or pee in the spa (silly, when there's the lake right there...)
Stop trying to fantasize he lives next to your backward country.
Pasteque, the only fantasy we have here is that he's made sensible investments (like, buying houses to spend time in) instead of wasting his fans's wages in luxury hotels.
OK that was a silly fantasy, with your help I realize now
I reckon. :brows:
He was charming

That doesn't look like an extremely far off 5 star. Glad he changed his mind, he looks a bit sad but good.

I thought this would be him. Probably the only place he wouldn't have to take pics with someone

very nice mozzer! what enviably taut skin you have! no old man wattle in sight! and your browridge looms majestically as ever! i daresay, that's a cute little upside down smile you got there.
mozz looking relaxed,good to see.would love him to do a travel book because he has been to most places in the world and seen must have seen some fantastic sights.
Beau-Rivage Palace in Lausanne. Seems like a nice little joint to use as a hide out.
Apparently he's done a promotional deal with the hotel chain in question since his last one with the Pestana group ran out a while ago. Living in 5* hotels 24/7 doesn't come cheap so it makes sense to cut a deal with them and cash in on the huge discounted luxuries they offer in return. Yes it's not very vegan friendly but come on ! Cut the man some slack he always does his best to sing meat is murder at his performances and besides that I bet he has it written in the contract that whichever hotel he and Diesel check in goes totally meat free and animal friendly, paper fivers the lot, for the duration of their stay.
There's no business like show business even if you haven't got a record deal but hopefully fingers crossed some new top notch songs will be written on this hotel tour, I never liked any of that last offering written in Pestana's luxurious surroundings (Ga ga in the Malaga 5* Pestana :rolleyes: ).
If we could just change the password to the webzine true2nobody and prevent the numpty nephew hijacking it with his dodgy " twartwork " and Diesel keeps Steve off the late night G n T statement rantings I reckon 2017 could be a good year for Steven :thumb:.
Also best wishes to Gustavo :musickeyboard: it wasn't his fault the :electricplug: got pulled. Probably best to retire Speedway now in his honour :clap:.
Gosh is that the time :eek:

Laters !

Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife::christmastree:

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