Morrissey Shirt (Brixton 19/7) Auction

put it somewhere safe and keep it forever.(I will visit):blushing:
you are a sporty guy, raise money though that.
I sponsor you to dress up as a women and go to the gym.(have you the guts):lbf:
i think all considered, i'm swaying towards keeping it. i think mainly because, he practically handed it to me:)

your's was the best offer, though:thumb:

seriously rome really think about this.;)

im going to make a donation to the fund anyway, please keep the shirt we will raise a huge amount on here for a good cause:thumb:

x x x
Plenty of positive posts for the obviously correct descision.

Well done:thumb:
Keep it, you don't sell gifts;)
No Place Like Rome,

Keep the shirt and treasure it. We have all had a vicarious thrill through your kind offer.

Thanks for calling attention to the Hillsborough Justice Campaign fund. As an American I had no knowledge of it but will happily contribute.
Tough decision, I would keep it. I saw the shirt fall into your hands and was very impressed, no contest!

Have you ever come close to a shirt before?
Few rows behind you, the one I got from Troxy is not too bad. It's ripped but has collar and buttons so better than nothing.

Will see how it goes tonight :)
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