Morrissey Shades


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Does anyone out there know what type of shades these are that moz was wearing around 86? I've been going crazy over this!

Better shot:

Sorry if this is posted in the wrong spot.
Any help is appreciated.


joe frady

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Nice find! Nice site too. Apart from the fact that the male model makes every pair of shades look hideous. But still some great glasses.
Thanks :thumb:

bucks boy

them pictures have made my day, them male models look as camp as christmas and the teacher one is that not steve wright ha ha .ive seen better and cheeper sun glasses in pound land :thumb:

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It was a long time ago - but I bought a pair.
Excuse spelling:
Mexx Moustace was the brand.

I should add, I managed to buy them, because they were named and described in a music mag at the time - but asking me to remember that - well, just can't help. I can't remember what I did last week! Happy hunting.
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