Morrissey set on upcoming blazer shopping trip


i really should buy that sweater too because it's got an R on it! it's like the uniform I've been searching for my ENTIRE life! you know like how cartoon characters always wear the same thing everyday, something that perfectly represents them? well that's what this would be for me. I would wear it EVERY DAY and it would become ME. I wonder if this is what TPR was talking about when she mentioned fate.


i know we decided AGAINST liberty, but i have to confess, mozzer, that I just LOVE liberty prints!

what do you think of this, babybear?! PINK

mayhap they will have a female version and we can each get our respectful versions and be twins!!
If its not organic cotton forget it.
I dont do Monsanto.
They're bad for animals and the planet


on the other hand I should probably use that money for my... um.... survival. but what I ask is the point of surviving if life isn't beautiful?!?!??!


we're meant to beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

by the way, can I have it?!?!?! i mean, since we're meant to be and all?! also, it's got an r on it! that's my initial not yours!!

I also want this entire outfit. i'd wear it with platform sandals and socks just to piss people off

god, i love marni so much i cant even tell you. like, the quality of my life would go WAY UP if i could wear marni every day. there would be NOTHING i couldnt handle.

Oh my

Enough! or Too much
fer real?! but what if he ENJOYS shopping?! no, I think he must shop like everyone else. he probably gets free things or discounts ONCE IN A WHILE.

I doubt it.
If you have a shop that sells blazers and Morrissey wants one... That's free propaganda for your brand.
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