Morrissey Set List and Shirt Sleeve for sale

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Hi Folks

I am selling some items of my Morrissey memorabilia on ebay you might be interested in.
The first is the concert programme from the your arsenal tour I got at the Zenith in Paris in December 1992 along with a set list from a previous Manchester Apollo gig.
The second item is a French magazine "Les Inrockuptibles" which is a Smiths / Morrissey special edition which comes with a Morrissey interview DVD from 2006. I am including with this the part sleeve of Morrissey's shirt I obtained at the Olympia in Dublin, April 2006. Unfortunately Morrissey's mother did not sew his name into this shirt so you will just have to take my word for it that it is his. Perhaps Morrissey shirt experts can tell me what kind of shirt it is, it looks Italian.
I have set the starting bar very low €10 with €10 for postage which is what it will cost me to register it.
If you are interested the links are here:
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