Morrissey sells signed other peoples albums - NME, Louder Than War, Consequence of Sound

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Eldritch, Oct 28, 2019.

By Eldritch on Oct 28, 2019 at 2:33 PM
  1. Eldritch

    Eldritch Well-Known Member

    Jan 1, 2018
    So he's now signing albums by other artists and sells them at 300 dollars apiece at his concerts.

    I can't decide who we should be more worried about: Morrissey or the people who actually buy these.


    Weird merch : Morrissey selling classic albums by other people that he has autographed on his merch stall - Louder Than War. Link posted by Famous when dead.

    Morrissey is signing other artists’ albums and selling them for $300 at shows - Consequence of Sound. Link posted by an anonymous person.

    UPDATE Oct. 29:

    Link from shoplifterromo:

    Why Is Morrissey Like This? - SPIN

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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Eldritch, Oct 28, 2019.

    1. PuppetParrot
      Skinny, your fake usernames are anything BUT relevant, they are the laughingstock of this forum.
    2. Anonymous
      Delusions indeed...can you imagine the good ppl of Alderley Edge having these kinds of people living near them? FFS - mega-deluded...surface and his like prob just cruise past on their refurb mountain bikes tongues hanging out hoping for a sniff of someone 'famous' so they can latch onto that for the rest of their days...& then mention something like 'Billy seen at Alderley Edge'...'been looking at a development' ...can't wait to put that on Moz-solo & impress on there...sad fucks indeed - get real fucktards, you're benefits people just kidding yourself.

      In another thread he mentions Housewives of Cheshire or some other shit watching that helps fulfil the fantasy. The only time he'd be let near Alderley Edge is to clean the gutters or bins out for the likes of Rio Ferd or Dwight Yrk...they really are that low life deluded scum they'd clean any fuckers gutters or bins to get some fame association. Pathetic.
    3. PuppetParrot
      Skinny fixes his fake usernames with these made up jobs as if they were captains of industry, just when you google they do not exist.
      he many have seen Billy and his ilk while clearing out the gutters.
    4. Anonymous
      Correct PP on both counts...just an idiot fantasist wasting everyone's time
    5. Surface
      Crikey, you really do have jealousy issues. As I said, the people that matter on this site know where I live, you will never be one of them though sad anon boy. So you and the other loon keep posting away.
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    6. Anonymous
      I think you have self-esteem issues, but that's OK surface, I'll pretend to be jealous, and you pretend you live with the high-flier set in Alderley's obviously a fantasy of yours to live there, & it obviously makes you feel better about yourself so, as false as all this really is, I'm happy to indulge you.

    7. PuppetParrot
      The Skinny fake aliases/usernames live in a fantasy world where they are industrialists and scientist taking time from important matters to troll a Moz site.
    8. Surface
      Fine by me bell end, I know exactly where I live and life's all good.
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    9. PuppetParrot
      I bet it is, Skinny, living off the dole without even trying to find a job.
    10. Anonymous
      I'm nothing to do with the new developments, my work down there is in connection to the science labs at Alderley Park.
      More mystery for the cult to worry about. :thumb:

      Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife:
    11. Surface
      Cool, the whole place looks really good, apparently they are building a farm shop and gastropub as well.
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    12. vegan cro spirit 777
      vegan cro spirit 777

      in connection with the toilets cleaning.:lbf:
    13. Anonymous
      There's no mystery at all skinny, you're just a fuckin deranged idiot & this is the only place that lets you in.

      You're the joke that keeps on giving & the reason I come here.

      Alderley Park? Hmm, sounds like the name of the institution that provides you with your monthly medication. You are still taking it, aren't you? Good boy.
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    14. PuppetParrot
      Skinny stop talking to your fake username, get your box and go shine some shoes. Earn your keep.
    15. Amy
      So says some entitled twat who thinks that Morrissey is the son of God and whose contribution to this forum is basically trolling in massive, multicoloured size 20 font - a habit you manage to conveniently 'snap out of' when you want to be taken seriously.

      Morrissey's current "career" is a car crash of his own making. Everybody on here loved him once, AND Johnny. Not one or the other but both. He fucked it up completely, he practically pisses on his own fans and you wonder why we turns towards Marr?
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    16. Stephen Hofmann
      Stephen Hofmann
      He hasn't treated the fans that well over the last decade or so but not in the way you mean - increasingly expensive ticket prices, so-so albums, over-priced merch, over priced singles, badly thought out re-packaged re-issues and way too many compilations are my irkes.....not his political thinking......other than the nonsense of giving The Falklands back to the Argies.
    17. Anonymous
      I nominate this for post of the year :thumb:

      Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife:
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    18. Anonymous
      I genuinely make a point of not engaging with the empty heads in here but your second paragraph is quite concerning.
      If I really am the reason you come here, pick up the phone and book yourself an appointment for Monday with your G P.

      Anytime Snowflake :thumb:

      Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife:
    19. Anonymous

      He ain't. :)

      ...This heated row about Orderly Edge, its bedsits and celebs who may or may not clean gutters has really made me want to visit, now. ;) :cool:
    20. Surface
      You should visit, it’s a really nice village with lots of bars and restaurants. A number of the Man Utd footballers live here as well as some musicians from Manchester bands. And of course Morrissey drops in from time to time to buy cakes for his mum!
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