Morrissey sells signed other peoples albums - NME, Louder Than War, Consequence of Sound

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Eldritch, Oct 28, 2019.

By Eldritch on Oct 28, 2019 at 2:33 PM
  1. Eldritch

    Eldritch Well-Known Member

    Jan 1, 2018
    So he's now signing albums by other artists and sells them at 300 dollars apiece at his concerts.

    I can't decide who we should be more worried about: Morrissey or the people who actually buy these.


    Weird merch : Morrissey selling classic albums by other people that he has autographed on his merch stall - Louder Than War. Link posted by Famous when dead.

    Morrissey is signing other artists’ albums and selling them for $300 at shows - Consequence of Sound. Link posted by an anonymous person.

    UPDATE Oct. 29:

    Link from shoplifterromo:

    Why Is Morrissey Like This? - SPIN

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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Eldritch, Oct 28, 2019.

    1. vegan cro spirit 444
      vegan cro spirit 444
      DramaJ, dont get snitty but it may be that Moz (and everyone else for that matter) is laughing at you with the big puffy black wig and the bird neck tat. If you move quickly you ll peeps behind you turn their heads.:lbf:
    2. PuppetParrot
      Nobody wants funny looking Johnny in their band.
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    3. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      Are ‘found images’ not art? Not art to
      the creators of them? A news photo a soup can logo? Yes, it depends on how you define what is and is not ART.

      And even so, it is someone’s work that Warhol took and used to his advantage.
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    4. Anonymous
      Hey. I have genuinely no idea what that last sentence means, but I gest the git of your message and I'm quite flattered. Thank you.
      Johnny and I have indeed many things in common, except that I would never play Glasto, because it's literally rubbish and I refuse to support irresponsible attitudes towards the environment, and I would never play with that Killers guy, because he's a turnip and looks silly in those high-waisted trousers (whereas Johnny always looks cool.)
      I like to think I'm a lot like Johnny, except a bit more aware, y'know.

      Johnny, if you're reading, I think you should let me write your lyrics, and do the singing.

      Alternatively (should you have doubts about my idea)(and why on earth should you, even vegancro here is in favour), I think you shouldn't be afraid to go instrumental. Like these guys. No lyrics needed to communicate with the crowd.

      That's what music is about after all.

      ...Better than playing with any old past-it veg, isn't it? :)
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    5. vegan cro spirit 555
      vegan cro spirit 555
      DramaJ I agree, you should go instrumental!!!!:thumb:
      Cut down on the :frogface: caterwauling:lbf:

      That Big Horse tooth makes you look cooler than skinny with his hipster hat.:crazy:
    6. Zoinks
      Do you really think that Morrissey signing these albums was intended as ART? That is your interpretation of his actions.

      Everyone else thinks it's a ridiculous MONEY GRAB and it's garnered heaps of BAD PRESS. Is that his ART as well?
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    7. PuppetParrot

      So, Skinny, you've changed it to Moz's intentions. Your Skinny mind cannot penetrate Moz's artistic intentions, as he is a consummate Artiste while you are twat. Everything he touches is art, Skinny, just like all you post is bollocks.
    8. Zoinks
      My goodness, what nonsense. I'd like to have a battle of wits, but you appear to be unarmed. Good day!
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    9. PuppetParrot
      Skinny dazzle me with your hipster bollocks.
    10. Anonymous
      :lbf: :straightface:
      I'll just leave this ^ sentence untouched and let people's imaginations do the rest.
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    11. Anonymous
      You've lost me mate, I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. :lbf:
      People say you're Morrissey, I'm beginning to think it's true. Only he could be so obsessed by Johnny! :rofl:
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    12. Anonymous

      Didn't you meeeeean

      consumer Monkey?

      300 bucks for a signed stain-remover! Bargain. :clap:
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    13. Amy
      No, you just attempted to re-write history like our favourite Vegan troll.
      Regarding Jesse - of course he has, he follows orders and will never get a better offer anywhere else.
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    14. PuppetParrot
      You Johnny trolls just want to create an invalid alternative reality. A history that never existed.
      Johnny not only failed with Moz but with numerous other artists. He's been fired by numerous bands, the list is endless. Even Bryan Ferry fired him.
    15. Amy
      On what planet? Johnny was a session musician for years - he wanted the freedom to come and go without commitment. How that equates to being "fired" by various bands, I have no idea - he never "joined" most of them, he was a gun-for-hire! If you want a list of people who really have been fired, take a look at Morrissey's historic solo line-ups, managers, PAs... :rolleyes:
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    16. vegan cro spirit 555
      vegan cro spirit 555
      quit arguing with the Puppet, he is spot on.:rock:
      he wanted the freedom to come and go? from nowhere to nowhere:lbf:
      aka=Im free because im fired.:laughing:
      The The reunited but refused to even contact DramaJ.:lbf:

      who even has him in the studio after all his F ups? everybody knows he will mess up stuff.:thumb:
    17. Anonymous
      MozArt. :pencil: Genius. o_O
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    18. PuppetParrot
      He was fired by many bands, and very few bands had him in as a session musician when word got around of his minimal musical skills.
      listen to the awful "Call the Comet" should you require verification.
    19. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      NO that is NOT my interpretation of his actions. You obviously read what you want into my posts, you screwball.

      What made you say that? I never called it art.

      I commented on your post and the subject of Warhol using other people’s work, regardless if that work he uses is art or not.

      Get s grip.
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    20. Lujan
      Ahaa vegano podria serMorrissey que bueno es uno de los pocos q me contestoo ,, que graciosooo vegano is Mozz me muero muerta !!! QUE INTERESANTE LA IDEA DEN PISTAS LOS Q CREAN QUE VEGANO ES MORRISSEY!!!!! VIVA VEGANO ENTONCES!!!!!! JAAAAASERAS????? ☺☺☺☺☺☺
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