Morrissey Scandinavian tour 2011 dates announced

DaKe writes:

4 gigs in Scandinavia but no Stockholm...

11 juli - Copenhagen, Operaen
13 juli - Aarhus, Voxhall
14 juli - Helsingborg, Sundspärlan
16 juli - Hultsfred, Hultsfredsfestivalen

Tickets for the Helsingborg gig was released today via costs 485:- SEK

Tickets for the Hultsfredfestival is available via the festivals webpage

Tickets for the concert in Copenhagen will be released the 10th of may from and for the gig in Aarhus the 10th of may from

Info also posted in the forum thread:

To Hultsfred Festival, Sweden in July
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Forever Ill
Morrissey's Aarhus concert at the tiny Voxhall-venue sold out within 3 hours. That means that the little over 700 tickets "are gone". A clubgig ahead for the lucky ones. Still tix for Copenhagen at Operaen.

it's Denmark, mhh

Goinghome wrote it's an operavenue so seatings area, if not like the UK
the break the floor seating of to a standing area, cause of the costs of broken seatings
[jump jump, jump ...floor]

mhh I give it a look, as try to wait for more nearer, or nearby festival dates

the balcony fool :crazy:


Yes!!! :thumb: i have Voxhall tickets .

My sister in law lives in denmark and she buy them this morning.



Aarhus: standing with a little balcony.
Copenhagen: all seating.


MAN. How good is this news? I will be visiting Germany in July and will definitely catch one of these gigs if no Deutschland dates are announced.

Viva Moz!

i can recommend if you are travelling by train getting the you travel from any city of germanyto denmark for 29 euro or if there are gone for 39, or 49..depending on where you stay in germany thats cheap but only very small quanitiy avaiable.

another cheap option is is the touring /eurolines bus
which is very cheap
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