Morrissey Scandinavian tour 2011 dates announced

DaKe writes:

4 gigs in Scandinavia but no Stockholm...

11 juli - Copenhagen, Operaen
13 juli - Aarhus, Voxhall
14 juli - Helsingborg, Sundspärlan
16 juli - Hultsfred, Hultsfredsfestivalen

Tickets for the Helsingborg gig was released today via costs 485:- SEK

Tickets for the Hultsfredfestival is available via the festivals webpage

Tickets for the concert in Copenhagen will be released the 10th of may from and for the gig in Aarhus the 10th of may from

Info also posted in the forum thread:

To Hultsfred Festival, Sweden in July
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There is no date in Oslo either. Presumably due to the beer-throwing incident of the Tour of Refusal. Cool to note that he will sing at the Opera house in Copenhagen.


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Morrissey likes to play in Scandinavia

all tours, well the 1992 Arsenal was just USA and 6 UK, a Scottish, Paris and Peter Melis hand over
a present at Dusseldorf gig,the last Arsenal gig, a few days for x-mass 1992

Morrissey left soon as guest for the Bowie tour

did a Boxers tour in the UK [1955 both] and Japan

[1955, mhh i guess I stop my comments I'm on ignore at 99%:lbf:]

1995 it shoudl have been and was

[so no scandinavia but no mainland europe or even USA]

1997 big USA, and Scandinavia 2 gigs, Hamburg and Battrersea Power Station

since than all tours he played in Scandinivia,Sweden being the most popular
but that's he does 2 shows mostly

enjoy the gigs Scandinavian Morrissey Regulars and ofcourse lots of German
and other die hard Regulars from all over will come and sing-a-long and enjoying

I will enjoying the tourrevieuws:(

bear in mind this is from me memory so not checked any books/pages/whatever

' and they say he's mentall'

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It is true, neither did The Smiths ever play here (but rumours says they played northern Finland of all places once). So in 1997 we faced him here for the first time and since then we´ve been quite spoiled with Morrissey-gigs and fanrelated parties. Some of us Swedes did some travel over the years aswell and some of us will definitely go for all 4 Scandinavian dates. Unfortunately at this point there is no way to buy a one day pass for the Hultsfredfestival (where he will appear on the 16th of July), maybe that will change. Festivalpass is 1150:- SEK (in about €122, £107 and US $177 with todays rate).

The annual Birthdayparty will this year be held at Hotel Rival Saturday May 21st 7pm - 2 am with free admission.


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So do we think Moz will be heading to the U.S. in the fall for the 2011 tour?

Of course my hopes are, yes:thumb::thumb:


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Copenhagen :straightface: so far away.
I hope he will do some more European gigs, like Belgium (Lokerse Feesten festival), Holland, Luxembourg, France, Germany.
For festival gigs in Belgium is probably Lokerse Feesten festival, the best one.
The organizers of LF have been dreaming for years to welcome Morrissey on there festival.
In the past the festival has The Cramps, Manics Street Preachers, Siouxsie, The Cure, Lloyd Cole, Grace Jones, Billy Bragg, Echo & The Bunnymen, The Sisters Of Mercy, Iggy Pop & The Stooges ....and many more..... .
Finers crossed!;)


Alas, the Reverened of Reality has elluded the faithfull in the U.K.

A real shame Morrissey has picked erratic regions of his homeland to play. All it means is it is inconveinent and un-doable for the majority and only convienient for the Smith's fans who, after berating his most recent studio album, must be elated to discover a greatest hits so they can further relive their 'youth'.

I truly hope Morrissey reconsiders his limited choice of venues in the U.K and instead adds a wider number of dates. Would have been interesting to see him in Cheltenham (apparantely in top 5 musical places in country). He played on You Are Quarry tour at Town Hall, so this could be a strong possibility if, as he claims, he has any input into chossing and hand picked the original venues.

As much as it is valid and intriguing Morrissey has fans worldwide, his music, I consider, is British in every sinue and at it's strong, enduring, core. Would be nice to see more U.K dates, he of all people know the fans would adore it

Just some thoughts.


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Thank you, Morrissey!
Real fans know how to board a bus or a train.

trickster, Oslo.


True, but personaly I wouldn't dear calling myself a fan. U2 and Broccoli Spears has fans. Morrissey has followers.


oh yeah, lets all board a train which could cost well over a hundred quid and then two nights in a hotel and everything you eat you pay for. a £35 ticket soon shoots up to something ridiculous! Most people in life cannot warrant spending that much- I suppose some can if its the only thing in their life and their mommy lets them?

Moz should have been trying to recruit new fans- particularly of a younger generation (especially as this is a 'greatest hits' so nothing new for the already 'followers' [who didnt follow his last album]). By adding more dates and scattering them well over the country he could have had (another) rebirth like he had with 'Quarry'. Instead he is trying to convert the already converted (hence the shitty sales of his album).

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MAN. How good is this news? I will be visiting Germany in July and will definitely catch one of these gigs if no Deutschland dates are announced.

Viva Moz!


Morrissey's Aarhus concert at the tiny Voxhall-venue sold out within 3 hours. That means that the little over 700 tickets "are gone". A clubgig ahead for the lucky ones. Still tix for Copenhagen at Operaen.
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