Morrissey said


At The Troxy concert last July . . .

' Oh Labour, we'll never be rid of them . . .'

And he looked up to the balcony VIP area and smiled at a Nico look alike . . . :)

Anyway, just been watching the 'Mrs Cameron' interview details when she starts talking about the Leader of The Opposition - in less than a time frame of 60 seconds . . . she calls him 'Dave' THREE times.

This is to highlight the superficiality of politicians and it seems, of their kith and kin.

Mr Cameron was my MP when I lived near Witney, Oxfordshire for about 5 years, and during that time as a 'member' of the Tory Party . . . never, never,ever did anyone ever call him 'dave'.

It's all a complete joke.

And I am grateful no longer a member of that 'Party'.

Labour will win the next election, I shall vote for the Morrissey Party . . . :):thumb::)

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from the Ice Age to the dole age
He's a fan of Buffy Sainte-Marie?! That's pretty awesome. :thumb:
Yeah, Marr brought it up in the Morley interview last year too. He was asked what sort of musical stuff he & Moz listened to, anything a bit off-the-wall, and he said "Buffy Sainte-Marie" :)
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