Morrissey reading Proust

T. H. Auden

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Alsatian Cousin posted this little gift on YouTube yesterday. Morrissey reading Proust on the first Morrissey solo-/Smiths farwell-gig. Very fitting excerpt to read. And before you all shout "old news!" at me, I hadn't heard this before, and I thought that could apply to other fans as well.


Famous when dead

MP3 of said from an older NHS compilation:

Nothing to do with any Morrissey gig itself.
YouTube blurb:

"On March 13 1988, Howard Devoto's new band, Luxuria, played the Town & Country Club in Kentish Town, London NW5 to promote the release of their debut album, 'Unanswerable Lust'. As the band played the opening bars of the song Mlle (Mademoiselle), Howard introduced a very special guest...."

The slideshow in the other link is more of interest perhaps?:

Also of interest, Devoto's Luxuria were to include a version of the following in their setlist the same night:
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