Morrissey ranks #166 in Rolling Stone's Updated List Of 200 Greatest Singers

He's 166 in the Rolling Stones Best Singers list.

If all Morrissey aspired to be was the voice of Eighties teen misery, he would’ve sealed the deal in the early days of the Smiths. But he wanted more. He quickly bloomed into one of pop’s most emotionally articulate singers, flaunting his wit in classics like “Cemetry Gates” and “Suedehead,” sending high notes to heaven with an ironic kiss. Moz grew up a literary recluse in Northern England, worshipping female singers like Dusty Springfield and Joan Armatrading, but punk rock led him to his own voice. Nobody can top Morrissey when it comes to flamboyantly melancholy ballads, in the grandeur of “I Know It’s Over,” “Now My Heart Is Full,” or his signature song, “There Is a Light That Never Goes Out.”R.S.

UPDATE Jan. 3:

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Morrissey should feel honoured to be in the list of the 200 best singers.
Better than being an outsider at #201.

M's voice stands gloriously on it's own, and very much apart from the flotsam and jetsam that passes muster for pop music of the past 30 years. In that regard, he is certainly an outsider.
But to imply that he should somehow feel honored to appear on a list with dozens upon dozens of famous non-singers is almost as absurd as a scenario where Johnny Marr reunites the Smiths with Alicia Keys standing in for M, and Jada and Will "i've been canceled" Smith filling in the blanks to make it a 4 person band. Ya'll are crazy talkin'!


Game Of Death.
its all bollocks designed to get people to look to see which number their favourite singer was at.
if this was a uk publication it would have someone like stormsy or as i call him stabsy at number 1,this is someone who was described as the new mozart after his set at glastonbury,who writes this dung.


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Rolling Stone is very politically correct, they published that outrageous fake campus rape story a few years back.
They do this to blackify their lists to be more woke.

Juan Dulces

I just see trees.
Morrissey would of course make a list of 200. And this R.S. list (rather than the previous one of only 100) certainly includes a varied list of musical genres with several 'singers' I had never heard of.

It's hard to agree with certain placements on that list though, like Ozzy at 112. Night and day - Ozzy and Morrissey. Ozzy sings along the guitar melody almost exactly, rather Morrissey's melodies complement the musical melody but can stand alone.

Also, Corin Tucker at 155. I really enjoy Sleater Kinney and saw them in concert once. At one time, Sleater Kinney was edgy and very new. Corin is a vocalist much more than she is a singer, and basically sings co-lead w/Carrie Brownstein most of the time.

I'm pretty sure Tori Amos was not on the list at all (?), but Van Morrison came in at 37.....Aaron Neville at 104.....yikes! Also, Maynard from Tool is not on it, but Courtney Love comes in at 130. Oh, and NO Celine Dion??? It can't be based off of sheer singing talent alone. But as others have said, it's Rolling Stone.
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Juan Dulces

I just see trees.
Also, huge fan of The Cure, but most females don't find Robert Smith's voice or lyrics to be 'erotic'. RS gave him a nice write-up though.


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billi eyelash at a lowly 198,and to think this lassie got a bond theme at 18,barbara broccoli hang your head in shame


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Nice to see PJ Harvey in there as well, saw her in 92 at Burnley Mechanics when she was touring Dry and was really impressed, saw her again at Birmingham NIA supporting Morrissey in 2004 (I think) and was equally impressed.


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Nice to see PJ Harvey in there as well, saw her in 92 at Burnley Mechanics when she was touring Dry and was really impressed, saw her again at Birmingham NIA supporting Morrissey in 2004 (I think) and was equally impressed.
I think her album 'Let England Shake' is in my top 20 favourite albums of all time.


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I am glad to see Paul made the list, I am preferring him to Morrissey these days. I've always been a huge fan tho. The Mats are legendary and Paul put out some really good solo stuff. I only got to see them once and they were way too drunk. I wish Paul would do a solo tour. Tommy is doing some touring where he plays in people's backyards, it looks like a lot of fun.
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Game Of Death.
someone who has skimmed this list put me out of my misery,did harry styles make it into this list,he probably did,take it ed sheerin is in there,cow manure of the highest order.

Les Tameside

Come on then Bruno 4king Brooks.

Give us your top 10 singers of all time .
Norman Wisdom and Val Donacan
Should be your staple 😉
Bing Crosby
Franki Valli
Anita O’Day
Teddy Pendergrass
Ricky Nelson
Little Richard
Bryan Ferry
Karl Denver
George Melly
Jimmy Scott
rolling stone

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