Morrissey promotes Mercy For Animals at exclusive Los Angeles concerts

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    Morrissey Promotes Mercy For Animals at Exclusive Los Angeles Concerts - Mercy For Animals

    "Legendary musician and animal rights activist Morrissey will promote Mercy For Animals at his upcoming shows at Los Angeles’ iconic Hollywood Bowl.
    The exclusive shows are set for November 10 and 11, and the promotional flyers prominently feature MFA.
    A longtime animal rights activist, Morrissey is known for turning some of the largest stadiums vegan. In 2015 the world-famous Madison Square Garden offered concertgoers exclusively vegan menu items per Morrissey’s request. Additionally, the Meat Is Murder singer has also been known to show undercover factory farm footage during his shows.
    Because of his relentless and inspiring activism, MFA presented Morrissey with the Compassionate Leadership Award two years ago. He also paid a visit to MFA’s Los Angeles headquarters last fall."

    Picture from last year as mentioned in article:

    A brief bit of coat tail riding, but a good cause nonetheless.
    (thanks to RF for the heads up).
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    1. gordyboy9
      good stuff,should make a good bit of cash for a very worthy cause.
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    2. Anonymous
      I'm glad Morrissey gave PeTA the sack. That creepy Ingrid is just too damn shady. PeTA - a very negative, seedy and tacky "org" that is doing much to marginalize vegetarianism - by design, IMO. PeTA's advertising is at least thirty years out of date - the usual tacky exhibitionism and leftist grandstanding. Mercy is easily outpacing PeTA and deserves to leave creepy Ingrid and her 1% profiteering in the DUST. Morrissey probably saw a thing or two and is backing out. Good for him.
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    3. AztecCamera
      This is great, but William Michael Albert Broad wears leather. Reckon is Uncle Steve going to allow him to wear his leather pants during "dancing with myself".
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    4. mcrickson
      Has he actually denounced or stopped supporting Peta though?
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    5. Anonymous
      Is PETA mentioned on the recent tour posters?
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    6. Anonymous
      No, I don't think so, but even if he is indeed distancing himself from that organizacion I don't think he will say something about it
    7. The Wild Turkey
      The Wild Turkey
      Mercy for Turkeys.
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    8. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      Indeed, November is looming...
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    9. dotmatrix522
      According to the poster it seems he's still supporting PETA and now also Mercy for Animals.
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    10. URBANUS
      That poster cover star is not Morrissey at all but it would well at a travellers horse fair.

      Dark musky men, really Morrissey?
    11. Anonymous
    12. CrystalGeezer
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    13. URBANUS
    14. Anonymous
      He actually looks pretty good in that shot. ...but not nearly good enough to make me give up bacon.
    15. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      But honestly Urbanus, the only cheap looking thing in this photo is the blanket covering the sheets. :rolleyes:
      Why didn't lil Sammy Photoshop "that" away and put something more glamorous into it? I mean those boxers were a bit of a show-off too? Innit? :brows:
    16. Anonymous
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    17. gordyboy9
      photo above.YOU COULD AT LEAST HAVE ASKED FIRST.ooer missus.
    18. Anonymous
      MSG was not vegan by any means. The catering menu for the private suites and boxes was the exact same as every event: mini cheeseburger sliders, crab rolls, hot wings, the works.

      Also, WTF is with "solvemedia" trolling the moz? The captcha for this post is "bitter fruit". Mean!
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    19. URBANUS
      That one is far better!

      The Rocky one is Moz telling us all he is down but planning revenge on everyone and himself.

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