Morrissey press cuttings & fanzines for sale




I've decided to sell my entire collection of Smiths / Moz press cuttings, magazine articles, fanzines, tickets and a Genuine Morrissey-autographed ticket from 1991.

The collection covers approx 1987 - 1999 although there are some cuttings that are slightly earlier ie. The Catalogue Magazine including a mint condition flexi-disk of London.

This collection was a complete layout of love and there are a few hundred press cuttings and rare music weekly and magazine articles and covers. The majority of the collection is in very good condition and everything has been stored in 2 box files for approx 30 years (although a few articles have gone slightly yellow).

Highlights in the collection includes:
- A genuine Morrissey signed ticket from outside Kilburn National in 1991 with a bespoke doodle by Moz. I secured this autograph in person and there's a picture online of my hand in the shot waiting for the autograph!
- Hundreds of press cuttings from small snippets, adverts for new singles, larger reviews and full interviews
- A box file full of press interviews and magazine interviews/covers
- Lots of rare Smiths Indeed and other Morrissey fanzines including original letters to accompany the fanzines from Mark Taylor, Bruce Duff and Julia Riley - all fanzines are in excellent condition
- Rare postcards including Moz & Phranc from 1991, a Harvey Keitel badge from the Kill Uncle tour
- Rare concert tickets from 1991 - 1999 including Kilburn 1991, Hamersmith 1991 and unused tickets from 1999 tour in Europe
- A Moz-styled matchbox from a 1997 Moz evening hosted by Amy Lame at the ICA

This is a completely unique Moz collection and I collated the majority of the Morrissey's press mentions in the UK over a period of 12 years.

I'd prefer to sell as one complete lot rather than break up the collection. The collection is stored in 2 box files. I'd happily ship overseas but don't yet have an idea of shipping costs.

I don't have a clue how much it's worth but i'd welcome fellow Moz/Smiths fans to get in touch if you'd like to make me an offer. I'd prefer to sell to a genuine fan but will eventually sell it on Ebay if there's no interest on here.

All the best


Image 1: Press cuttings 1987 - 1999
Image 2: Magazine articles 1987-1999
Image 3: Moz autograph, used tickets, flexi-disk
Image 4: Magazine covers & interviews
Image 5: Smiths Indeed Fanzines
Image 6: A Chance To Shine fanzines
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