Morrissey prefers his pints cold? Cary Caldwell (SXSW manager of planning) story in

Story about Morrissey not coming on stage at SXSW until he knew the temperature of his beer.

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Morrissey had a problem.

The Englishman, former frontman for The Smiths, was scheduled to speak at the prestigious South by Southwest (SXSW) festival in Austin, Texas.

..."The room was full of 800 people waiting for Morrissey to do an interview," explains Christchurch man Cary Caldwell, who works behind the scenes as SXSW manager of planning.

"One of his managers came out and said to me 'Morrissey can't go on because he's got no idea what the temperature of his beer is'."

"I said 'Take his beer's temperature? No, no, not at all'.

"He said 'this could be a deal breaker, he could pull the interview'. I said 'OK, fine, let me know' and started walking away. The guy came running after me, I said 'dude pull the show or don't pull the show. If you want to pull the show let me know and we'll get up on stage in front of all the reporters and say Morrissey isn't going to speak because we couldn't measure the temperature of his beer'."

Morrissey duly got on stage, with journalists from around the world none the wiser.


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