Morrissey posts myspace bulletin....

Viva Tom

Wall of Arms
containing link to free download of 'Irish Blood, English Heart -Live at Pearl Theatre'.


if it is much use to you.

Viva Tom

Wall of Arms
now I look closer it looks a bit fishy.
it looks authentic n all, website wise.
but why is the track presented in a .zip file?

wonder if the myspace got hacked?

Viva Tom

Wall of Arms
I think it's just bait for a mailing list.

bogus infomation is the way forward.


Ordinary Boy
morrissey myspace free download

A free download of 'Irish Blood, English Heart - Live at the Pearl Theatre' is now available on morrisseys myspace page - just fill in the details and the site gives you a free download

also the date for the advert is now closed -it says ...

A massive thank you to all of you who submitted images for use in our upcoming Morrissey Greatest Hits advert! We recieved over 500 images of some amazing tattoos, original artwork, memorabilia collections and live photos. These have all been sent to our production company and we'll hopefully be seeing the results in a week or so.

We had so many submissions that we'll be creating a two adverts, one of which will be used on MySpace exclusively.

Thanks again for all your help. Any images that are submitted from now on will not be able to be considered for inclusion.
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