Morrissey postpones 013 gig (Tilburg, NL) due to illness; new date Mar. 29, 2015

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    UPDATE Mar. 11, 11:11 PM PT:

    Link posted by Raphael Lambach:

    Tilburg -

    There is a new date for Morrissey's concert at 013 in Tilburg, Holland: Sunday 29 March.

    UPDATE 10:30 AM PT:

    New date posted by Hand in Hand-Shoe:

    Morrissey Afgelast -

    ...We've got a new date for Morrissey: Sunday 29 March! Tickets remain valid for this new date. Restitution is possible, please go to the Ticketmaster website for more information

    Due to ill health Morrissey will not appear on stage tonight. Therefore the show has been cancelled. Morrissey and 013 are planning a 3rd and definite date after rescheduling the show which was planned november last.

    During the band introduction in Groningen last night, he was already sneezing. In between the songs you could also hear and see he had trouble catching his breath.

    Official statement:

    We regret to inform you that Morrissey is forced to cancel tonight's appearance in 013, Tilburg. Our stage crew, as well as Morrissey's touring party were already setting up stage and all requirements for tonight's show when we were informed by management that Morrissey is unable to perform tonight due to flu. At the moment we are trying to re-schedule the date for later this month and will advise all ticket holders as soon as possible.

    Link to statement on Morrissey Afgelast (in Dutch)
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Discussion in 'Tour archive (read-only)' started by Hand in Hand-Shoe, Mar 10, 2015.

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