Morrissey pictures taken last Saturday(23/12/2006) at G-mex, Manchester

Brilliant Pics :D Mine came out rubbish
Great pics great gig thanks
hey they are great, i got some good ones but everytime he came to by where i was there were hundreds of hands in the air with mobile phones in them clicking away so i have lots of arms and phones in my pics!
Lovely photos thanks
Hey! :) Here are my pics:
Best way to view is "detailed view" or slideshow.

Thanks for sharing yours, who-me, they are great. I am a bit embarassed by mine, I always take live pictures with film but these didn't turn out so good. I'm on a new computer and I don't have Photoshop yet, I could make them look much better, but I had to use a really primitive picture editing software at the moment. In any case, enjoy them, the gig was great. :)
I have created a gallery (html pages etc), I just need somewhere to upload them to. I've tried Angelfire, but it looks awful with all the advertising. Any other free website hosting services that I can upload html files to?

I know I could put them on the main site here or flickr, but I've done all the work already...
Thank you lovemorrissey, I appreciate that. :) Glad you liked them, even though they're not up to my usual standard. ;)
Blue Dress, i think your pictures are great too. I must admit to being disappointed with my pics at first, but its a bit of a lottery as to the kind of quality you will get when you are right at the front of the crush at a gig!
I have seen photographers at work, usually they take a 100 shots for each picture they eventually use, so don't be too hard on yourself!

Thanks to everyone who left a comment...i'm still waiting for Morrissey to leave a few words tho!:p
Hey, who-me, you are so right. However, I took 3 rolls of pictures at this gig, and all I got was this handful of sort of decent ones. Again... lack of Photoshop is a major setback.
Back in November I saw Beautiful South (that album is on Flickr as well if you like to see it) and I took digital pics of that show, I took over 300 in total and in the end I got about 70 good ones. Next time I see Morrissey, I'll make sure I'm at the front, and I'll bring my digicam and just see the whole show thru the camera, I don't mind. I love taking live photos, but I have to say, digital live ones just suck. You really need to take tons of them to have some brilliant ones, just like you said. :)
What I noticed about Morrissey is that he poses a lot while he performs, so that should be good for digi pics, as long as you catch that right moment. Which is why you need to see the show thru the camera, which I don't mind one bit. ;)
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