Morrissey photos

Like an eyeball cleanser!
Your wish........

I think you are overly excited because he is getting on a plane and flying all the way over to your side of the world! But that is exciting!
It is. every time I see Morrissey live I assume it will be the last time he tours here. The venue is quite small and intimate as well. Should be a great night.
I assume that Mr. Morrissey is reaping the benefits of a well-deserved rest and is preparing for a new tour now. If he posted a selfie of where he is now, his fans would be happy to see him. In addition, there are talented people here who could even draw a portrait based on this photo)
As a WHU fan, I was surprised that Morrissey was somewhat supportive of the club, even though it was a junior league club. I dug up a couple more photos, and I really like them too!
Does anyone have a photo showing this Morrissey ring in detail?
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