"Morrissey" perfume Incense Avignon

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Yes please post the link, can't find any online places based in UK that sell it. I assume it's cheaper online than £35 in Libertys? If not I guess I'll head to Liberty on payday! I'm usually a Farenheit man, which is pretty strong and lasts all day so hopefully this isn't too much stronger!Don't want to make peoples eyes water when I walk past them.

UK supplier with very quick delivery:


It is very strong, but I really like it, if you like things like Amen or Cumming you will probably like it.


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Got this at the weekend! Went to Libertys.
It's very strong but in a good way, means you only need a little bit and it lasts all day.
Does smell incredible. Certainly a new favourite.


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i once went out on the town in athens and after many small libations ,ended upsmelling like a turkish wrestlers jockstrap,and was nearly refused entry to awell known jewish supermarket.!

Guillaume Métayer

Guillaume Métayer
The Morrissey's perfume is Incense Avignon (series 3)
from "Comme des Garçons" ("Like some Men" ... I translate).

I am 100% sure. I know it from the crew and from Julia that's simple.

And I compared several times his perfume on shirts and the perfume itself .. it matched, that is the same.

Morrissey wears it since several years. You can find some shops in my town Paris and NYC, London and Tokyo I think.

He wore "Comme des Garçons", number 2, during few gigs in Luxemburg and Germany in 2006.


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does anybody know where we can get this in the uk please? ive trawled the net and havnt found a site!


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I'd like to find a place in the UK which sends out samples.


Love Me Outside!
I'd like to find a place in the UK which sends out samples.

i tried very hard to find this too, but to no avail, you'll need to go somewhere and spray a bit if you can find somewhere that stocks it (liberty?)
i just brought it, as ive been close enough to moz to know i love it. and if the worse came to the worse and it turned out i did hate it (which i dont) i could always give it to someone as a pressie! (or sell it on here)
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