Morrissey Parlophone/HMV 7"Singles Box




wow what great sleeves! HMV do a better job than camp Moz on sleeves lately :(
I miss the slim more tasteful Moz.

Kingmaker once had a song called Everything Changed Since You Went To London, this was supposed to be about Moz.
I don't think it did but since he went to LA his sense of stye has suffered.

The Swords cover is a case in point.


Well, I do think his sense of style has changed since "irish blood, english heart single" Eventhough I am latin all that mexican stuff is not very stylish i think. Anyway I dont see the "sleeve by morrissey or whores in retirement" note written on the sleeves so I must think he is not much involved with them anymore,he only says yes or no. I think a sleeve like "Everyday is like sunday" or "Sheila take a bow" is not going to happen anymore. A real pity.:guitar:

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