Morrissey: 'Paris' Video Exclusive


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Some of the reactions to this video seem seriously neurotic. Why is everyone so concerned about what their friends and family will think? Why the embarrassment over a bit of eyeshadow? Have you forgotten why you liked Morrissey in the first place.


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Anyone else catch this, I said.

I have a pug and they walk when they poo. There should be a string of individual poos behind the pug. :D

The thing about dogs is they're sturdier, they're not scared of drums and guitars and mysterious lovers jumping around. Cats, no doubt Morrissey's preference ;), would be hiding somewhere safe in that studio in a heartbeat.
My cats are way less freaked out about stuff than my pug is. He'd spend most of the video barking at the drum set I'm afraid. After he was done running around making squealing noises in his excitement at seeing new people, that is. He's a spaz.
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The drum kit leaper is not Jake -- my mistake. Looked a bit like him, though! It is indeed someone younger, and part of the crew.


One hell of a retard.


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I notice Christopher Pooley was not in the video. I wonder is he still in the band after the rather poor comments he received from various fans last year. It would be great to see Mikey Farrell back
i really hope so, or at least someone who can play the trumpet. the horns in Carol are awesome!

as for the video, not very creative, but fun. i like the call backs to the All You Need Is Me vid, and the pug and frenchie running around for no reason
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