Morrissey on the Shillelagh Sisters


The other day I found in an OXFAM record shop (, for 99 pence, a copy of Debut magazine from 1984. It’s a 12” square magazine that comes with an 11 track LP of various artists. Sandie Shaw is interviewed about working with The Smiths, (of which more later), and The Shillelagh Sisters are interviewed too. Boz was a member of the Shillelagh’s as was his (now) wife Lyn. Lyn mentioned discovering the Debut Mag in her diary on Boz's website in November 2005 Moz was quoted as being not very nice about them. Here are selected excerpts

Shillelagh Sisters. Interview by Roger Morton.

From Debut Magazine + 11 track LP 2nd edition, 1984, priced £2.99

Jacquie: Lead singer
Maria/ Mitzi: drummer
Tricia: ‘reserved’ sax
Gregarious Lynder: Double bass
Boyfriend Boz: guitarist

“We’ve been called everything –‘billy band’. We’ve been called ‘show-us your-willy-billy’, ‘Fake-a-billies’, ‘rock-a-billies’, ‘country-billies’, ‘psych-a-billies’, ‘soul-a-billies’. Lynder is the double bass player in the Shillelagh sisters. She is complaining about the silly billies who try to lasso this frisky mustang of a band which has been whipping up a cloud of dust in London clubs for a year now.

On their record company, CBS:

Lynder: “They get fascinated by what we get up to at gigs. We’re their naughty little school girls – it’s like St Trinian’s

Boz: “St Trinian-a-billy!”

On touring with Spear of Destiny in the coming weeks:
Maria: “I’m a bit dubious about playin’ Glasgow – a bit nervous about that.”
Boz: “That place only holds 4000 people.”
Lynder: “4000 bottles”

The article ends with this:

As Lynder says “It’s all just general foot-tappin’ music” which is true, and it’s also a backward looking, revivalist, historical cocoon of escapism, all vamped up and varnished for the empty eighties. But what does that matter? Does that mean that Morrissey is right to call the Shillelaghs ‘Repugnant’ on Radio One’s “Roundtable”?

Now does anyone have a recording of that Roundtable show I wonder?
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