Morrissey on the PETA postage stamp

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By davidt on Dec 4, 2011 at 4:33 PM
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2011 (read-only)' started by davidt, Dec 4, 2011.

    1. Anonymous
      How do you go about buying these? And any good vegeterian restaurants in Seville that anyone can recommend?!
    2. Anastasia Yakovlev
      Anastasia Yakovlev
      this is wonderful. i want it so badly.
    3. Anonymous
      Cause he thinks it's delightful, it's a picture of himself :)
    4. maladjustedduck
      Do Russian bears accept mail?
    5. Marielle
      Morrissey you should eat more pasta's thats vegeterian enough.
      Everybody has the right to sin. See you in Rome thats the place to perform..or maybe in a non catholic state. Listen to th high country see you .
    6. Anonymous
      You'll never write
      why leave me to freeze
      of ice
      Ain't that about right?
    7. Anonymous
      And lets all remember the Fact that PETA Kills Animals.
    8. marielle
      He had no temptations to sin morally. A cold lucid indifference reigned in his soul.

      Love from Groningen, M See you in the high country

      (R Fontaine)
    9. Anonymous
      Go to YouTube.

      Type in "Penn and Teller Bullshit PETA" and watch the three segments in order.

      You will see the hypocrisy, shame and danger PETA represents.

      It's all there to see. There is no argument. PETA is a very terrible organization.

      Morrissey should distance himself from this heinous organization. He should feel ashamed to have his face and name associated with this vile group.
    10. celibate
      yeah how's Sean doing? more producing than acting last years, for me one of the greatest when
      some chili peppers killed River Phoenix [or Flea, who was there in the club when they did drugs, I thought
      after Hilel Slovak, the chili peppers first guitarist, sorry going of-topic with a band whose members every year claime to be clean but
      they still have a monkey on their bags

      anyway to get teh stamps to europe?

      ps sorry being OT but the one I replied was just another anoying anonymous coward who only
      come to stir things

      remember River Phoenix:thumb:
    11. Anonymous
      Hey Celibate, the Penn and Teller "Bullshit" show legitimately uncovers the fraud (and danger) that PETA is.

      You're the coward for not even viewing it. Just look away (like Morrissey so often does).

      PETA is a cult of personality. They are a danger to animals and their owners, not to mention scientific research that saves human lives.

      Nothing was posted to "stir things up". This Moz-solo story is about Morrissey and PETA (including a quote about PETA from Moz). The P&T Bullshit investigation into PETA is completely relevant to this solo story.

      Watch it, you condescending, ivory tower minded clown.

      If you don't, you have no right to make any comment at all.
    12. marielle
      In a demo crazy it is even a right to think for yourself. )f

      Alle things of value are defenceless.
    13. klaus
    14. celibate
      PHOTOSHOPPING is so past century, they just make these things to stop PETA
      or make them look the shit you say

      youtube is no proof

    15. Anonymous
      HA HA HA watched the pun and troller vid, what a pile of shit, literally.
      anyone giving the slightest credance to this sack of shit wants their gullable mind testing. penn and teller undecover investigative journalists! suck it up dicks, just as drivellingly stupid as the rest of their transparent outdated set.
      PETA saves lives FACT.
    16. Anonymous
    17. Timmybear
      There's nothing especially sensible about PETA. Holocaust comparisons and anti-fat 'humour' (I know quite a few fat vegetarians and vegans, if you were going to go there) show a certain lack of perspective and proportion.Saying that PETA saves lives doesn't make it so. I would like categorical proof that PETA and ONLY PETA has saved any lives. I'm sure opposing medical research has cost quite a few lives.Individual good deeds do not excuse a corporate entity that is dubious at best.And if you're going to try and make a case against people, you should (a) not mock their names (b) not curse (c) spell gullible and undercover and credence correctly (and punctuate and capitalize so that your sentences do not have to be laboured over) and (d) not post anonymously.
    18. marielle
    19. toughkid
      When did PETA decide to put him on this stamp? Was it BEFORE he accepted blood money off John Lewis - a company that sells meat and leather sofas?

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