Morrissey on shows in Brazil: 'It will be an emotional explosion' - (interview)

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    Morrissey sobre shows no Brasil: 'será uma explosão emocional' - Virgula

    Full article via translate - so possibly not verbatim:

    (Photo: Jim Dyson / Article: Itaici Brunetti).

    Of course, Morrissey is one of the most interesting and curious figures in music. Not only for its importance in having written some of the most beautiful songs ahead of the historical The Smiths and later with its consolidated solo career, but because it is controversial. In interviews, he talks about what he thinks without fear of repression, whether it be the press or the fans.

    To get an idea of his statements, the singer, who is a nationalist and lover of British customs, stood in favor of the Brexit movement, which advocates the exit of the United Kingdom from the bloc of the European Union, and recently defended Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein, both accused of sexual harassment.
    Musically, Moz remains brilliant. And it's his incredible music that brings him to Brazil for two unforgettable performances. The first takes place this Friday, November 30, at Fundição Progresso , in Rio de Janeiro and the second day of December, Sunday, at the Espaço das Américas , in São Paulo.

    With short answers and British acidity, Moz spoke of several issues in an interview with Virgula; said about the shows in Brazil: " It would be an emotional explosion." He poked out the politics of his country: "The British government certainly lost his mind" and commented on the re-release of The Smiths 'album The Queen Is Dead : "It was a waste of time . "

    Morrissey, who turns 60 in 2019, also told us how he plans to celebrate his birthday: "Alone, of course!"

    Check out the full interview below:

    Virgula: What can Brazilians expect from their shows?

    Morrissey: It will be an emotional explosion.Brazilians can expect the truth. And they can have fun. The songs are short and go straight to the point.

    What do you like the most in Brazil when you come here?

    In TV shows in England, Brazil is always portrayed as a place of complete madness. But, I've never seen anything like it. Brazil is a relaxing and glamorous place, and people think for themselves.

    In the album Low in High School you talk about politics, war and world problems. How can your music help people in the world?

    In times like these, with strict censorship and political insanity, it helps to know that we are not alone and that other people feel as horrified as we are. The British government certainly lost its mind. The same happened in Germany and Sweden. It became a struggle to point out the obvious.

    Do you miss something from the eighties?

    I miss the feeling that it's still a long time ahead. Suddenly, the future is past.

    Do you like some new artist or new band with good lyrics? What do you recommend for us?

    I love LP [Laura Pergolizzi], she's an excellent singer. I also recently saw the Starcrawler show, a new American band and they were exciting.

    The Smiths' album The Queen is Dead turned 30 in 2016 and was reissued with bonus material. What did you think of this re-release? Liked?

    I did not see any re-release. I did not see any promotion, advertising or posters. The album just appeared. He made it to the top 10 in the UK, but of course, without playing radios. Some things do not change. It was, I think, just another waste of time.

    Next year you will turn 60. What do you think about growing old?

    I like to grow old. When I was young, I lived in permanent agony. My early twenties were relentlessly painful.

    And have you thought about how you celebrate your 60th birthday?

    Well, I'll be 60 in May next year, but I plan to go to Poland or Romania. Alone, of course! That will do me good.

    Besides the shows, what do you enjoy doing the most when you're on tour?

    There is never free time on tour. You have to sleep to be able to support long flights, or you should look for recognizable food. If you separate your clothes, wash and keep with a presentable piece, everything will be fine.

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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Famous when dead, Nov 26, 2018.

    1. NealCassidy
      Poland, Romania tour or holiday?
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    2. Thewlis
      A Joke of course.

      The songs are short and go straight to the point :lbf:
    3. Anonymous
      Ooh, a very nice interview. Original, articulate, funny and non-bigoted. The old Morrissey is clearly still alive and well. More of these please.
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    4. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      There's no new or old Morrissey, he's always been and will forever be
      that same old song that even when we change we still return to.


      'Now it's the same old song
      But with a different meaning
      Since you been gone'
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    5. Anonymous
      The evidence speaks to the contrary. Morrissey's actions and words in recent times have been nothing short of alarming. An official endorsement of a clearly right-wing (arguably far-right) political party, frightening support for a BNP poster boy (Johnny Robinson) who even Nigel Farage has sought to distance himself from, idiotic clumsy lyrics and song titles (When you open your legs in bed), stupidly simplistic views on geo-politics (Israel), a scary obsession with UKIP. Almost everything about Morrissey in recent times has been hugely alarming. This interview shows, however, that he can occasionally revert to being a person of humour, warmth, empathy and charm.
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    6. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      'The evidence' ?

      You mean your interpretation and lazy conclusion based on something he said in the recent past.

      'contrary' ?

      Morrissey can be strangely contrary at times. Don't worry, tomorrow
      he might say that someone like Anne Sexton or James Baldwin should
      be running Britain.


      'Now it's the same old song
      But with a different meaning
      Since you been gone'
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    7. reelfountain
      If you think Morrissey's recent actions and words are 'alarming' you must be living a very sheltered life.
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    8. Eldritch
      Except, of course, Life Is A Pigsty.
    9. NealCassidy
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    10. Mayfly
      There was a rumor about shows in Poland next year earlier. But he was most likely joking when he said who would spend his 60th birthday there … alone.
    11. AztecCamera
      I ye reckon isn't Brazil that place in South America where they don't speak Mexican, but some weird annoying sounding language that is more annoying than Mexican and their kickball team is supposed to be really good, but the Nazi team beat them like 20-0 in Brazil during the kickball world championships? I can't believe these people like the California Son.

      The California Son is calling the "Queen is Dead" a waste of time? Lmfao!! Feck reckon. Can this dude make you Brittish people here feel any worse? What does he have to do or say that hasn't been said to make you Brittish people to stop liking him? Have some dignity and self respect.
      Last edited: Nov 27, 2018
    12. Anonymous
      I think you mean Tommy that point I stopped reading because you are clearly typing with your eyes closed. Pilgrimupnorth
    13. Anonymous
      Beware at the back of the venue, there are some arches that lead to a concrete park with some plastic elephant figures. Robberies in broad daylight today.

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