Morrissey on "SesioneS con Alejandro Franco" (Mar. 23, 2018) - reminder / reports

UPDATE June 27, 2019:

Posted by JoeSellMozza (original post):

UPDATE April 27, 2022:

Morrissey live from México (2018)

UPDATE Mar. 24:

Post by Amargo:

Jacky’s Only Happy.../When You Open.../ Spent the day in bed.

No interview.

Morrissey on SesioneS con Alejandro Franco (Mar. 23, 2018) TNT Mexico at 10 pm.
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Any direct live links?


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I am legitimately having problems with getting this link to work. Can anyone please give assistance?
Only Jack's Only Happy.../When You Open.../ Spent the day in bed.

No interview.
So no Tony or World Peace....This is surely the end...Forget about LIHS being the most underrated album of 2017 and possibly Morrisseys most successful tour in production, voice and support to date ... if only the passion of earlier years from the fans was there....whos fault....I think somewhere in the between aging audiences and the need for more diverse setlist...I for one is still lovin it and glad he's still around
Here's individual ones (music/singing seem out of sync slightly):
Edit: see the now approved anon posts above. It's real shame about the sync.
Hoping for the full thing eventually.
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What on Earth do I have to do to get that shirt Moz is wearing during STDIB? Would buy in a heartbeat if it went up on Mporium
Infuriating it's not on the US store site. Thank you for the heads up
Just posted as much in the market place forum.
I think they haven't updated the site yet.
It will get there eventually.
Humorous lyric change in StDiB

I spent the day in bed
It's a consolation
When all my dreams
Are virtually legal...
Yes yes nice shirt, but if you live in u.s .it's $50 Buck a roos, still nice? Probaly bc of several reasons 1- it's another shirt which has LIHS song title, 2- it combines old smiths graphic with up to date MOZ (rare) 3- MOZ was wearing it and 4- it was a backdrop on latest tour......personally by the time mporium U.S. gets it good sizes will be gone.....again $50 wow decision decision
Hope Alejandro Franco's people upload correctly synchronized videos. Maybe they didn't notice it yet. It seems there was a fan on during When You Open Your Legs. Thanks for sharing.

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